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Like a Prism he was


He is the one who cares for you even if none asked him to

He is the one who nurtures you

he is the one who finds you when you are lost

he is the one who guides you when you are confused

He might not show that he is doing a great job

Yet he is the one who needs you to realise he is doing 

He shadows all the works in and around you

Yet  he is never appreciated at times

He loves and care,  like no one else

His love is like a blanket of secureness

His care is like a dew drop on the leaf, unknown to many 

yet his presence is only felt only on the surface

he is the prism that covers the family, 

letting in only the wanted amount of light and shade

and bringing out the best out to the world

He is always treasured in hearts

His deeds are at times taken for granted

At times he too needs attention for his hard work

like he hides his fears and love

the affection for him too gets hidden

value him for his love that is buried in his soul

value him for his passion he uncovers in his role

Only a ‘Father” could be that simple. 


We must find our way out

Past few month I have stirred up some good conversations with my fellow female friends, who are going through a situation which I had encountered quite before.

We, women, have the problem of self-pitying at times and we need to overcome that to escape from the hell we are living in. Actually, we are the real reason for the hell as well as heaven most of the time. If we let ourselves to be taken for granted we become victims.

There are many educated women around the world ,who are silently letting themselves suffer inside. I personally knew a few who are quite well educated , brought up by parents who want their daughters to be leading their professional life ,but unfortunately , they are stuck up so much in personal life that they don’t have any leads.

Women have variety options to take up as career nowadays. Thanks to the tons of firms who look to helping women work in the comfort of their home breaking all the barriers and rules of a tradiotional Indian wife. With many groups like JobsForHer , Sheroes, WomenRestart and much more coming up in the market to help  job inquisitive women it has become quite easier.

Still, even with all these, there is still around 10 percent of women who are clinging on to the comfort life and then complaining that they are being treated as slaves.It is not others duty , but it should be just our duty , to work harder to get out of the cocoon we sewed together to feel safer in the society and be the butterfly full of colors. Break the notion of being an obedient wife and be a support to your family.

Every woman must be her own ruler, and at the same time never try to rule others too. If you expect to be free, let everyone feel the same way.Always find a way out your obstacles , if you cannot then read , consult , talk or just take a walk out of your world. When I felt I was losing control of my life, I started to blog and analyzed my problems from a different perspective. Am not perfect, but am on my voyage to learn to be good in a way.

In the end, I realized that whatever others do, in the end, what matters is what you do for yourself.

Bonding with Family


Family doesn’t mean only parents , and my lovely daughter is enjoying that fun life now. I was not sure how she will get along ,even though I was half sure that she will be happy with people around .And Yea , I was right , she is enjoying everything , a new life style which is always my favorite.

Living in a different greenery , a different place ,without being clad in all jackets and enjoying long morning walks to the temple enjoying the sun, rain , getting all the extra attentions from her grandparents and mostly being around with her cousins and extended family .

Sometimes when we are busy in getting things done in our life, this small and lovely moments in our life help us to move forward . Now she got her grand mom to complaint about her mom , when I don’t give enough attention to her activities. She has her great grand mom to complaint about her grand mom  and she keeps chattering around the house like a lil butterfly full of lovely colors making their silent life full of noises . 

I don’t know how much she will remember later in her life , but mostly what I can do is to keep these moments alive in her life as stories . Like we ask our parents about what we used to be like in our childhood , my kid will also ask me and of course I will have a lot to tell her .


Family picture


My lovely daughter loves to draw a lot , whenever she gets a chance she scribbles something on her board and ask me to capture all those in my camera.

Even though I don’t need a camera to remember whatever she drew , I want to show it to her when she grows up. The other day , she drew a flower , i loved the way she was sketching it , truly her imagination works quite a lovely way. She drew a circle first and then , a lot many small circles around it connecting each other, and finally it became a flower. These things I never taught her , she must have observed  a lot from what others do , and of course this is the age for it, copying, imitating.

The other day she drew me and her dad ,  it was such a cute pic , I was smiling when she pointed me that one of them was me  and the other her dad.She was so happy and excited , to draw that picture. 

Its so sweet how they realize a family ,consisting of her mom,dad and herself and very soon she would realize the importance of a family too.Family means everything ,it builds up relation with lots of love and respect.

We as parents need to teach them , to respect a family bonding , by showing them exactly what it means having a family.Family is not an important thing , but everything .

Family Time

After celebrating my sixth wedding anniversary , I still feel like just got wedded the year before. The same ‘me’ and my partner , we fight and love the same way.Our daughter  was like my anniversary gift to our family , we expected her to be born around the same date, but anyways not that late.

Nowadays , divorces are becomes more frequent and everything changes between couples soon after marriage. A few gets adjusted , its not only women but men too , need to appreciate men with lots of patience too, since GOD has gifted patience to women more .:)  it seems.

When a child is born, the couples are transformed into parents , not then , but gradually  ,the feeling spread through their soul.The feeling of love transforms into another form , which is bonded by the child. Kids play a vital role in keeping the family together, nobody can sacrifice the happiness of their lovely little kids .

The whole world is running around, and family gets less time. Everyone needs to sacrifice few things for you family. Noting is gained without loosing.Many of us as kids must have experienced negligence from their parents ,as they were busy gathering things for us.But of course , a few must have got enough attention that , they might feel like being bugged by their parents. 

As a parent , I realize , how important my time is for my kid.There are many temptations around me , that drags me into it and I tend to leave her dong something alone , but I know I need to change it.Hopefully one day . 🙂

Better late than Never.