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Like a Prism he was


He is the one who cares for you even if none asked him to

He is the one who nurtures you

he is the one who finds you when you are lost

he is the one who guides you when you are confused

He might not show that he is doing a great job

Yet he is the one who needs you to realise he is doing 

He shadows all the works in and around you

Yet  he is never appreciated at times

He loves and care,  like no one else

His love is like a blanket of secureness

His care is like a dew drop on the leaf, unknown to many 

yet his presence is only felt only on the surface

he is the prism that covers the family, 

letting in only the wanted amount of light and shade

and bringing out the best out to the world

He is always treasured in hearts

His deeds are at times taken for granted

At times he too needs attention for his hard work

like he hides his fears and love

the affection for him too gets hidden

value him for his love that is buried in his soul

value him for his passion he uncovers in his role

Only a ‘Father” could be that simple. 


A lesson learned

It was a normal day of school.

As she returned home , got down from the bus under her building and walk towards the lift as usual gazing here and there. Shining her water bottle high up in the air as if she is going to hit someone. Her eyes kept googling around the spaces in shops and other nearby people. She just looked up to the window and saw her dad looking down at her and waving his hand.

She was relieved .

It was like a powerful shelter covering her and protecting her.

She vastly climbed up the steps and was waiting for the lift to come down. As soon as she was about to enter , an elderly man approached the lift too from nowhere. She looked at him with her strong gray eyes from top to bottom. Analyzing every aspect. He was dressed like an Arab , but he was not fair. Dark skinned and reddish eyes.

She got little scared , but she opened the lift and entered. The old man tagged along too. She pressed the buttons and kept praying for the lift to reach sooner , in between her twinkling eyes threw a gaze on him. He was smiling. She pretended to be calm, but from inside her heart was pounding thousand times.

As soon was the lift reached her floor, she could figure out her dad was waiting at the door. She relaxed, now she is safe hands. She came out and hug her dad and was about to say how was her day.

The old man asked her dad ” Is it your daughter?”

Her father replied ” Yes , she is my daughter”

The old man blessed the girl saying , ” I too have a daughter , she is the greatest blessing of my life.”

Her dad was happy to hear it and she too blushed . She realized that an appearance is not the factor of judgment.