Romance and Musings


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Fear of losing

Fear that engulfs my thoughts

Fear of being not me

Fear of being away from all I love

Fear that conquers my goals

I wish to be away from reality

Close my eyes, forget the world

forget the impressions I want to put on 

Forget my flaws, my perfections

Just be me for a while

venting out my anger on everything

punish me for my faults

to accept reality and live in it 

without dropping a tear 

Is it possible?

No, or never

I do not know

yet I keep trying

like I do every day

but I have to live

Live and finish my life 

like everyone else does




Romance and Musings

Those eyes followed her


She was followed everywhere
those eyes kept hunting her
That reddishness in the eyes
looked as if it was blood clotted
the pain and the fear that the eyes
could penetrate into her mind was
tough for her to tell
she kept mum
but the fear was climbing in her soul
destroying her sleep
distressing her soul
shadowing her smile
the agony was much more than she expected
still, the eyes kept following her
she decided to fight her fear
she stood right in front of those shadowed figures
never taking away the sight away
looked straight into those eyes
until it shut its eyes out of shame
she realised that she was strong enough
to let her fear go off
and face the challenges alone
she felt brave from inside and held her head high
walking away, letting those shameful eyes stranded.​

Romance and Musings

Love like there is no tomorrow


She trembled in her sleep

the thought of losing someone close to the heart

thoughts kept her awake all night

love and the care she is bestowed was rare and unique

the warmth of those arms, she longed for

the eyes that looked upon her with immense love

the passion that kept her living

the emotions that drove her to do the impossible

the care that she got pampered up everytime

her eyes were teary

she realized how much she was into the life

Fear kept her awake, her soul awake

she realised that instead of her fear

she need to live the moment

love like never before

and fall into those arms

forget the world

and live like, there is no tomorrow

Hold my hands ,as if you are going to pull me back when the life is taking me away