The dark pathways


The narrow streets

the patched roads

the bricks protruding o the pavements

the colorful windows that are left open

the glass panel that showed the word outside

the white crochet curtains swaying in the air

sending out the breeze into the home

the dark pathway looked elegant

the path was empty ,shined by the bit of light from the streelamps

yet the breeze swaying brought in some leaves

that was caressing every window in its path

the leaves flew up high in the air

floating in the path that the wind took it

the path unknown

the  inclination unknown

to a destination unexplored

the wind travelled to a far-off part

which was the Shangri-la.


The wake-up call


As it dawns

I open my arms to the new day blessed to me

I wish I could be born every single day

every day a new me

a brighter me

to bring in new possibilities to live

to loosen me into the world that is grinding me

I want to be the butterfly flying from one flower to the other

treasuring the honey grabbed from each flower

I want to be the wind that moves

I want to be the water that nourishes the land

the new me wanted to be an explorer

living a day fulfilling my dreams

dance like the butterflies in the garden of love

I want to be carried away in the wind to any far off places

the wanderer in me is calling me out

I wish .. I just could wander away into the mist

hiding away from everything,

yet witnessing the most tranquilizing beauty

the explorer in me is longing to be out and about

the artist in me want to paint a picture that none has ever seen

the writer in me want to pen down all the wildest imaginations

Am like the life that want to spring out of the shell

explore the opportunities around me

and be an adventurer.