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You and Me Forever

engraved in stones

is like the words I whisper to you

listen to it

even when am gone

know the true me

as I become your world

you become the echo in me

you became the one where I belong

you were like gravity pulling me all alone

as I was lost in space

lock me up with you like forever

let forever be a lifetime

which is never enough.




“Trust me, ” he said holding my hands

all I did was look deep into his eyes

I could feel the pulse of his soul in his hands

his eyes were filled with the love he had for me

All I knew was that I would never betray him nor does he

his love made me stronger

all I wanted to was to be embraced with his soul forever

I knew that he would fulfill my promises

even if it meant that I have to wait for years and years

I knew that the love that is in his heart for me is forever

as he slowly drifted his hands away from my hands

I just wished I could hold on to it

I held his fingers that were sliding away from my hand

one last look I gave to him

kissing him multiple times in my heart

I didn’t know how long was too long

my heart never knew how to measure the distance or time

he just smiled but his eyes told me that he could not bear the pain of leaving me

to keep him happy, I too smiled back with my teary eyes

to keep ourselves stronger during the wait, we decided to live it.

Best friends forever


In the crowded classroom, you made me feel like am at home

the unfamiliarity that was creeping in me

your smile crushed and put it away

the way you took me into your life

everything changed for me

the one I was with you, was different from the way I am

you and I were different in many ways

yet the same

even though I cannot be you, I wished at least once I was you

we were together from the day we met, till now

nothing has ever changed even if are apart

we talked for years together

we never talked much for years

yet we are the best friends

I always need you by my side

in all the good and the bad

as you stood with me till now

Ooo my bestie, you are forever my best friend

count me in any time you need me

I will be beside you as you were with me

I count myself to be fortunate to have you by my side

the way you trust me and behold me even in crisis 

gives me the strength to let go many things that are unwanted

Indeed having a friend like you is a true blessing in life

a lonely life is worse than death

we can lay under the stars talking a lot

even after years staying apart as if nothing has changed

the teenagers in us will never fall apart

our friendship will never fade away.

Being with him..forever


I lay there dreaming in his arms

as the fine morning welcomed us

I walked out of the bed

while he held my hands tightly

he never wanted to leave me

I smiled and moved away

As I cooked, he came closer to me

watching me work

his eyes laid over me

and his hands warming up my arms

as I poured the tea, he slowly moved away

standing up near the walls, waiting for me

he sipped the hot fuming tea and looked at me

being his wife, was the dream to me–I realized

as I took a sip from his cup

I loosened myself into his arms

his smile was the infectious one

it could make my heart jump out and dance

he was the one, I was proud of

his heart was the one I longed for

his arms are the ones that provided warmth to me

with him, my life was the fullest

life was filled with love

his absence made me cry

my life was the only thing, I could give him

as my gift forever…

As he treasured my heart undamaged…

cuddlign with him..I wanted to grow old.

As you whispered in my ears…


As I opened my eyes

half asleep and half awake

I knew I heard a voice

I knew it was you

But I know you are not near me

From far beyond my reach

you whispered my name

I wished you were near me

and humming in my ears close to my cheeks

nestled on my face…

where I could feel the prickliness on you unshaved face

your tiny little eyes..popping out

looking at me and smiling

I wish I could be holding your hands as I drift myself into a deep sleep

Now I know that my dreams are just dreams

I wish to survive this breakaway

like the kite cut off from the string

I might fly off, but will remain twisted in a branch

for you to find me….lost and weird

Our journey is never ending.

It goes beyond one’s expectations

the journey of my lifetime

to fulfill my dreams with you.

You awakened the ‘me’ and am all yours forever

Forever…is too small word to say….yet

As we look into each other, the forever is like night and day.

To be with you…is my forever wish


I wish I could wake up with up

amidst the chirping birds and the waving leaves

the place that brought you into me

I wish I could sleep hours resting my head on your shoulders

listening to the heart that beats for me and our favorite melodies

watching you sleep

watch you open up your eyes

and play with my hairs

fiddle with your fingers

and hug you forever

wish I need to not wave a goodbye

as I walk away from you

murmuring with my lips ” Be seeing you”

I wish I could be with you forever

I wish I could cook for you and feed you your favorite dishes

I wish I could be a part of your home, which we built for ourselves

I wished I could be the one you woke up with in the mornings

I know one day all my wishes will be granted

I would be yours forever and ever

Even miles apart, I could never stop thinking of you

Distance can never kill us

Our love shall win over the space

To be with you …is my forever wish.

Buried under the burden love or not to love …..


I am buried under the burdens of life

Seems like love hates me

It never stays with me

now I have reconciled with the idea of love

love hurts …

It hurts my soul, that I cannot even collect the shattered pieces

As I shatter down to the earth, a few pieces fly away from me

to the distant ….with a hope to bring you back

The broken pieces are never joined until you return

I decided that love was not a piece of me

wisdom let me stand away from you

but as my heart tried to shun away the part of you

to my disbelief, it snapped out of my body

leaving a void in it..a vacuum space

which I never could fulfill

My heart broke into two pieces

where one says love you the most

and the other says….leave you alone…

The dilemma was still one, even then I fell in love again and again

As deep down I was yours….forever.