Grandma’s friend

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Don’t get intrigued by the title. 

It is just a small incident, which is happening quite commonly. And I am just quoting it….

It all just happened one day, when we were all set to pay a visit to my mom’s college mate who was residing in Bangalore, closer to our apartment. My kids got ready and were so excited to go and meet them. As usual after all the dressing up and the hype about going, as we were approaching the apartment, kids started questioning ” Is it mom’s friend or grandmoms? ”  I kept on repeating, that it is grandma’s friend. But seems it was not convincing for them.

It put me to thought why it was not so convincing for them.

But it is true, we all are confining ourselves into smaller circles drifting away from the old friends (with a very few still remaining) and then moving on.

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When we were in schools and colleges, we may have a lot many friends, like uncountable, we enjoy a lot with them, treasuring every moment with them, promising that we all shall meet again. But how many do the same . Especially in ladies case, it is quite not happening. After years spend revolving around the marital and parental responsibilities, we all get to meet up like some oldies get together or maybe mid range 40s meet up.

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When we get married we make a friends circle with hubby’s friends and family. When we have kids, we make a friends circle with our kid’s friends parents. This cycle keeps on moving, and our friends do the same, a few like me are exemption who in spite of finding no time to do anything, keeps reminding a few friends that I am still here around and hope you remember me .. 😛 ( the blessing of social media though).

Everyone drift away after one point …and we have to just move on. It is hard at times, when we crave an old-time conversation, a bite to share , am afternoon under the trees talking all nonsense or even just walk around the market window shopping ….o just do nothing but remind ourselves we are still the same old girls who met and spend time together on the campus in spite of the studies.

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Memories flood in, as I recollect those days with my friends, unable to bring them back makes me sullener.  But past is at times a memorable one to recollect. Some friends remain the same, some turn strangers and some just turn numb. It is hard to be in this world, where emotions are getting dried away. One day we all are going to be barren lands which need watering.

—–This is in memory of all my beloved friends, whom I miss. 

  And to those, who are still in my phone book, you are my sweethearts, as you are always with me, even when miles away…

And who is still away, I am still here waiting.

Good Friends -hard to find and maintain

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Don’t just fade away

you held my hand to friendship

we walked together on a journey

yet our friendship never lived

never sustained

you never take me for granted

your protectiveness always charmed me

wakes me up from all my dilemmas

let me feel the joy of life

you laughed when I laughed

parting our ways to new horizons

yet life brought us back together

to a new beginning 

a beginning which I never want to let go.




Before being a mom , I used to wonder how people manage kids, and when am a mom , i keep wondering how do people manage more than one kid. 

How do they manage when both the kids cry? How do they manage to buy same toys for both kids ? How do they travel with two or more kids? Like that so many questions pop up in my mind. Some advice me , not to have second one , as they find it difficult to manage ,ans a few tells me , its so adorable to see the kids enjoy together especially sibling enjoy together more.

I know the real fun of having a sibling , as  I have a brother with whom , I fight a lot, play a lot, and many more things we do. We share our thoughts , our dreams , its so special always to have someone always to hear us.How much ever we fight ,its difficult to stay away. 

I still remember the days ,when I used to feed him his food in his mouth ,even though at times I hate doing it , as its like pampering him more still , i enjoyed it , may be even now , I can do it. We both talk for hours ,even if there is no topic as such to talk about.He makes fun of me, play pranks , hit me, even I do all those on him still we are brother and sister. 

At one point in life ,we all require someone like a brother or sister ,even if it to fight or for a shoulder to cry on. With a brother or sister , we learn to share,love, kindness and  friendship  , everything doesn’t happen easily in any relation , it takes time and time heals everything.When I see how bigger kids take care of their younger ones , its so beautiful .

A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.  ~Marian Sandmaier





I feel lucky to have blessed with many good friends in life and even bad friends who taught me a lot  to value my best friends. 

Its not a surprising thing , that bad friends teach us many little things. They show us what real life is . They bring with them lot many qualities like , cheating , unfaithfulness and ungrateful. I am sure pretty many of them had experienced a great deal of such kind of people. Such friends just utilize the time they spend with people keeping just one thing in mind , that there good and nothing more.

If we don’t have bad experiences in life, how do we appreciate the little good experiences we come across. Thats how we start valuing the real friends . They experience everything with us and still be with us , that the true friends.

True friends never expect anything from us , just appreciate them and treat them well , they will be forever yours.It grows with mutual understanding , compassion and emotional attachments. As I said I have been blessed with such lovely friends in my life , of them a few I cherish in my mind. They will be forever with me , even if I do not call them daily, talk to them daily ,mail them or call them on special occasions.

I need not tell my friend , if am sad, they know through the words I type , or speak ,even if they don’t see me. I always want to be a good friend for anyone who counts on me. I had best set of friends when I was in school  , college and even while working. I cherish every memory with them.

Good friends are hard to find and bad friends really help to find them easily. 🙂



When I see rain , the first thought that comes in my mind is the first day I met my best friend .

If she reads this am sure many memories will flash through her mind. When we met first in UC College Aluva , in Kerala during our interview in the college , it was raining. We both never realized at that time , we would be good friends later on. 

Again after that many times during the 3 years of my college life , every rainy season , we used to enjoy the rain. Our beautiful college had given has many memories  and we will never forget in our life. 

Whenever it was raining , we both used to make some excuses to go out intentionally to get drenched . It was fun. We used to take only one umbrella , and hold each other close. I was the one who never used to bring umbrella.

I remember once I saw my umbrella running away with the wind , while I was just sitting and looking at it wondering what will happen to it, if I don’t go and get it. For that I got enough scolding from home.

In Bangalore when I started to work , it was all different , the rain had a different smell , not like it was in college. In office we all used to love to have ice cream with gulab jamun , during rain. Ice cream do tastes better in rain :).