Romance and Musings

The wait for the life to bloom


Amidst nature, on the lonely bench, among the crowd, she sat

gazing at the amazing nature, wondering how God created everything so beautiful around her

She sat recollecting her fond memories, her memories that created a new her

a new life

a new perspective

a new vision

as she closed her eyes, enjoying her most lovable moments

she recollected the warmth of his arms and the love in his eyes

In the most memorable moments in their life

he asked her ” I want to have a life with you, I want a life out of you that is created with all our love”

All she could do was smile and say “yes” to him

And as she opened her eyes, there he was caressing her womb, the life that was growing inside her

the love creation, the love that bonded them forever

she sat near him, resting her head on his shoulders, and he caressed her hair and arms

giving her the comfort and strength she needed

the joy of becoming parents from life partners was an amazing joy.

Every moment, their love doubled, the way he looked at her changed

There was love in his eyes and respect

She could fall in love with him again and again

The joy of welcoming their pulse of life was at its highest

The wait for the moment to being parents was the amazing moments of life.

Her womb protected the life and his hands gave the warmth needed.

Together they waited for the flower of life to bloom.

Romance and Musings

Listen to your innerself




We are the best guide for our success .

The universe gives us enough clues as we move forward in our life. Everything that happens in our life has something or the other to do with that comes in the next future , or may be it has to happen that way.

Its just makes things more easier to live , if we believe that, everything happens for good.Coincidences in life are like messages from GOD , saying that , we are on the right path,and guided by him to our destiny. Everyone has a destiny , and the life we lead is just a way to it , and the people we meet are like lessons , which either teaches us something good or bad.

If we have an aim in life, we are led to it , in anyway, though sometimes we feel , we are lost.Everything comes to us when the time is right. When  we seem to be lost , talk to yourself ,first ,then someone who are close to your heart. If we are in a state where we wanted to do something , but our inner-self wanted something else , its like a conflict in our mind and just it doesn’t lead to anything. So the first thing we have to do is to talk to our-self , and decide what exactly we need and once we decide , everything seems to be clear again.