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Play Time



My daughter loves to play around with her toys as all other kids with her toys scattered around which she never bothers to pick up n clean.

I know this is with all the kids . The more we ask them to clean up , the more messier they become.My lovely daughter has a different method, she pretends that she is cleaning up and puts just one or two in the basket and the rest she will ask us to clean it up.

Whenever am off to cleaning , I someway manage to clean up her toys and the moment I clean up the room and move to the next one, she makes sure that , she puts all the toys back on the floor. 🙂 And the cleaning becomes a never ending process.

When her granddad was here , I cannot recollect how many times , that he used to help in cleaning up her toys , but I do appreciate the patience in doing so. Grandparents can do a a lot many things for their grandchildren , all out of love and affection.

Whenever her dad makes a bigger tower than hers, she knocks it down and again make him do it .She always love to play with her dad, because only dads can play as the kids want them to. How much ever they get tired , dads adore to play with their lovely little kids.

Play time is the best way to teach many things to kids , they learn , enjoy and enact what they have learnt. It so beautiful to observe the kids play. 

A look back to year 2012



When I was looking in my Facebook, I noticed something it was about my past year in a glance . Many photos were collated , reminding me about the past few months , that passed by.I thought I could pen down a few.

This year brought in many changes in my  life. Beginning of the year , myself and my husband celebrated for our lil princess’s birthday , with just few friends.Even though it was not a big party, we were happy to have some people around to celebrate her second birthday .

After that we started her first playschool , it was fun , a new place , where she enjoyed her music, and play ‘n’ learn classes. I noticed the changes in her , she was enjoying with her friends, I was always around her looking after her and playing with her.

She learned new songs and started to sing them , at home , got friends to play with , learned many new things. She was happier and enjoying her school. She was  looking  forward to go and play in her school.

When she was  two and half years , we put her in a new school , as my friend advised us to. I was little bit skeptical , about her adjusting there in the school , but to my surprise  she was comfortable there. After joining that school , she speaks a lot and gives us surprises all the time with her new activities.

For me the whole year , I met with many good friends and enjoyed every moment with my lil darling. My husband could fulfill his wish , by bringing them to visit us in switzerland.We had  good time with them. Nandu had enjoyed playing with her granddad. I loved to see them playing football , building blocks and many more. She loved  playing with her granddad.Everyday morning , when she gets up and I give her milk , she drink it by leaning on her granddad’s tummy.

Overall , we had a beautiful year and its coming to an end.  And yes of course , how can I forget , I started to follow my wishes. 🙂

Happy New Year .

We are welcoming 2013 to our life.