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An unending love story

She lay there hugging him tightly, without any air gaps… the drops of her tears were dripping on him. She could not even think of a time to be away from him. The thought made chills in her body.

She spoke to him all night, in the same way as she did every day. the hugs, the kisses, and the cuddles continued …But today she was sad.. upset..he didn’t say anything, waiting for her to open up.. like every time.

She found him as the companion from her childhood, a shoulder to cry, to love, to be loved and be cuddled. She never wanted him to say anything..but just listen. The warmth and presence he could give her were beyond words.

There were nights when she cried all along and slept off on his shoulders, he was her ears..who listened to all the nonsensical word she spoke or left unspoken. The sorrows overflowed from her when she was with him.

Everything seemed so perfect between them, the way he supported her through tough times and the happy times he let her share the joy with a cuddle.The perfect relation in the world, where one never demands the other for anything.

She was never tired of him, always wanted his presence, but at times they lay idle without any overflowing emotions.. but she just received a comfort from him… a support which she needed forever in her life.

One day as she returned to her room, she could not find him…she shouted and called him out… but as usual the response was silence, he was never a talking one..he responded with presence .. a great listener to her soul.

Finally, she ran out of her room, to find that he was playing with her kids..she ran and sat next to them..watching them lovingly… and said,

” Can mamma take the pillow, mamma needs to set the bed please”

And finally with lots of pulling and pushing..he was in her hands..and she went directly inside..put her loving pillow(her favorite) onto her side ..so that she can continue to receive his support all night to sleep.

And before she left the room… she said

Hey, Mr. Pillow ….never leave me.

Being mommy



I was looking through old photographs of my lovely little daughter after her arrival in our life. 

The moment she was born, I was so excited to see her, I forgot all the pain and tension and the world around me. It was only her , seeing her well lit face , brought sunshine into my life. I touched her hands and legs tenderly ,so soft and smooth. Her eyes all closed as she was sleeping in my arms, I wanted her beside me in my arms forever.

Whenever I hear her sounds, I was excited. When she cries, I sit wondering how to calm her cry because I never knew what to do , and of course my mom came for rescue in such situations. I was learning being a mother, how to do , what to do and when to do.

Its true that whenever a child is born a mother is born too, and mothers are learning in every stage how to be a better mom. All mothers love unconditionally their kids , and I realize how much I love her whenever I look into her eyes , I can see the happiness , the protectiveness , the  love , the care  , the feel  and when I hold her closely to my heart. 

First few weeks were totally a mess in my life, never knew where to start , and what to do, and by following the expert advises from  my mom and grand mom , I could succeed to little bit.

The sleepless nights ,the wetting beds , all those troubles transforms into loving memories , when our kids grow up and it becomes the best stories in life which we lived through. All mothers feel so proud to tell about their kids, how they are are , what they are . For every Mother , their kid will be the naughtiest and the sweetest and cutest. 

Love to all  mothers . Motherhood is a true blessing.


The Wait



You might be wondering what the title is about, it all about the time i spend waiting for my kid to come n give me a lovely smile n hug from her class… conveying me through her smile that her day time in school went well and she enjoyed loads.

I have seen her crying n coming out of her class, even smiling or complaining  that she didn’t get something she wanted and many more . The best thing is the way she comes out of her school , i adore that. I never wanted to miss that lovely scene .

As always , I hurry to pick her from school and reach there at least 15 mins before , because , I don’t want to see any disappointment on her face , that her mommy didn’t arrive when she came out looking for her. That pains me more than a dagger. 

The fifteen minutes I wait to see her , is always very slow as if a snail is moving . I keep my ears sharp to hear any sounds from inside just to know what she is doing , just out of curiosity.Its being the same past 6 months , since she joined her school.

Waiting is painful even when we know that kids will come out at a certain time . every minute seems like years and its vice-verse when  we are out of time , minutes run like they are in marathon. 

“ I’ve learned that waiting is the most difficult bit, and I want to get used to the feeling, knowing that you’re with me, even when you’re not by my side.” (Paulo Coelho)

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight :)


A smile makes things more beautiful around you. 

You wake up smiling forgetting all the worries you had the past night , that makes your present day better always. Haven’t you noticed when we are in worries and see someone smiling at us, a kind of positive energy fills in us and its like they are imparting a part of their happiness into you. 

Even when we are in worries , keep smiling and face it with all might.Only who are close enough to us , realize a drop of tear behind our smiling face.Its difficult to hide some emotions, and smile is something that comes uncontrollably. When you look at babies, automatically , our face gets  lit with a smile, its a special feeling . 

Its true that people who are always smiling , do not have a happy life all time, they just make it perfect for themselves. 

Just Smile , and forget everything, if something is for you it will come to you, so need not worry and be happy . 🙂

Where is happiness ?




Whenever am about to write something , why is that I feel like writing about negative things around me. I feel negative thoughts are  more influential  , but then I think , what is the point in writing about all those , which is all about hatred ,when we cannot change anything around us. What we can do , is to implement change in ourselves , or in our family, or in our thoughts and that begins to happen only when we ready for it .

Sometimes I write and erase everything , it  helps me to get out all those negative thoughts , so that I make room for my positive ones . I look at my lovely little sweet heart , who does not know what this evil world around us has kept in store and always pray that I could protect her from all the evil ones as long as am with her.

When I look at her , all my love comes out and am able to pen down those beautiful thoughts I have.I never wanted to write about anything that hurts someones feeling knowingly or unknowingly Why should we do so ? Its us ,not them who is responsible for hurting ourselves. Its not because they come to hurt us , its because we stand for it and let them hurt us.

No forces can bend us down , until our willpower dies out. Everyone is a part of the blame game , we blame each other for everything that is happening around us , just to get a peace of mind. But whats happiness or peace of mind, how do we achieve it ? Do we get it when we hurt others through words and deeds? No

Its only achieved  from freedom , a good conscience, a good health and a good job  where we are respected for what we are doing . No one can be happier , if they are only aiming their happiness by hurting someone else. 

“Happiness and Moral duty are inseparably connected.”