You are my lifeline..


I wake up every morning with a new hope

to discover a new me

to uncover a new way to keep me and everyone happy

every day I thrive from morning till night

unbecoming me at times…

at times discovering a new m

yet at time distressing myself

the joy has no bounds when you are with me

the torment has no bounds when you are not with me

you change my life

you are the jewelry I want to adorn myself forever

you are the tattoo I want to imprint on my soul

you are the love nest that inspire me to live

you make my soul reach salvation

you run my lifeline

your presence tickle my soul and keep my lips smiling and engaged

with you around me, there is nothing else that can grab my attention

you fulfill my soul

you are the wings to my dreams …

Is love complicated or was she?


Memories were deep

some caused her hurt and some gave her comfort

the memories were so sharp that it could wound her soul

her eyes faded her pains with a smile that enlightened everyone around her

she was lively and smiling, yet none knew the hidden her

she never let her tears roll out in front of the strange world

the ones who never knew her

even though they claimed to know her the best

she craved for none, but only love

love in the simplest form

she never fondled herself with precious gifts

she longed for only the heart that could love selflessly

she could live even without being loved, yet her soul yearned for the presence

more than the presents that were offered

she could not find out why it was so complicated to take care of herself

was love soo complicated?

doesn’t it mean that you just need a heartful touch to the soul

she could feel that her memories that she cherished in her forever could give her goosebumps

yet the ones near could never overwhelm her with their presence too.

was she too complicated and hard-hearted?

she never knew the answer

yet she thrived hard to find the answers

her quest for love never ended until she met someone who answered all her question, with his presence.

The string that bound them


The clouds were clearing, the sky became clear, everything around her seemed to be shining with the touch of sunlight. The dew drops everywhere seemed like diamonds reflecting the light into the world around her. The shining world, brought in a new path for her to move on. The world around was cleansed with the downpour. She felt the smoke and the dust in her path was cleared and everything seemed to be easily visible.

The ambiguity in her path was now gone forever. The world seemed to be happier and beautiful to her. She trusted the hands that took her, leading her path towards the bright world, where there was no sorrow, there were no doubts, there were no worries. She blindly followed the footsteps. Her trust in God was at its highest, she believed everything was for good.

The path led her to the new horizon, where she wanted to live happily with her family. The world she built up in the quest to attain the freedom of living was awaiting her. She grabbed the invisible hands and walked down the path, struggling through the thorns that were laid for her. She never lost her hope, she trusted her soul and walked towards her destiny leaving everything behind her.

The world seemed to be inviting, and there she was not walking alone to her dreams, she had all she wished for, the love, the care and everything in those hands that lead her. The security she was assured was beyond words. She blinded her vision to follow unquestioningly and undoubtedly.

She bends her neck, and he ties the knot, the knot forever, the bond forever, the love in the string that was now a part of her heart and soul. A string was enough to bond them forever into the art of marriage. The promise of being together in anything and everything in pain and happiness. To share the joy of being together, unifying into one soul.

The first imprint of motherhood


Her heart was beating uncontrollably. The thoughts made her smile.

She was incredibly excited and overwhelmed.

Her body was shivering, with the uncontrollable energy, she had exerted for the journey.

She was pale and blood was oozing out of her.

Some invisible hands were helping her stop bleeding and cleaning up.

She was totally absorbed in the excitement, her eyes searching for someone.

someone she was truly waiting for.

Someone who has transformed her in a second

Even if she was tired, uncontrollably happy that her body could not handle the happiness, her eyes waited

she was feeling cold, she wanted the warmth..held herself up on that not so comfy surface, eyes searching, she could hear a small tiny voice, but could not see what it looked like.

The seconds were killing her, all she wanted was a glimpse

Finally, her smiled before even her lips could put it up

And she was gifted at the very moment when they lay her baby girl in her arms all wrapped and cozy with her cute little face and incredibly small hands out of the wrap.

she was overjoyed, happier than ever, luckier than ever and wealthier too.

She kissed her lil one, fed her the first bite of welcome drink from her very own breasts feeling the powerfulness and the worthiness of being a mom and giving a new life.

The first touch of her angel on her bare chest with those tiny hands were giving her goosebumbs.

The joy was unexplainable, all she wanted was to cuddle with her angel, and never be out of her sight.

All her pain, discomfort, shy everything just vanished into thin air.

The smiling face of her angel and the feel of her lips on her while sucking the milk remained in her heart forever and ever.

Leaving her first stepping stone in motherhood, an imprint forever.



Every morning I wake up to a new ‘hope’

Hope to do more

To be with someone I love the most

To be touched by love

to be wanted more

to care and to care for

to be hugged the tightest way that love is expressed

to be kissed with a passion of love

to live with all happiness

to make someone happy 

to be a miracle for someone

to be different 

Everyone lives with a hope, the hope gives the strength and courage.

It is like a light on the horizon for someone seeking a way out of darkness. Hope helps someone to survive.

I want to live like the ‘last leaf’, be someone’s light and lead them in their path.

I want to be like the wind that gives them a push in their life to lead.

I want to be like the thirst that they long for. 

Hope to be the candle in the darkness where I can give them the light when they need and melt away.

I wish I could be the one who comes to their mind when they need someone to love. 

I want to fly like a bird but caged to value the freedom of flying.

I want to the last nibble that someone craves for. 

I just want to be a friend whom you asked for.

I just want to be ‘myself’, just before I perish myself.