Buried under the burden love or not to love …..


I am buried under the burdens of life

Seems like love hates me

It never stays with me

now I have reconciled with the idea of love

love hurts …

It hurts my soul, that I cannot even collect the shattered pieces

As I shatter down to the earth, a few pieces fly away from me

to the distant ….with a hope to bring you back

The broken pieces are never joined until you return

I decided that love was not a piece of me

wisdom let me stand away from you

but as my heart tried to shun away the part of you

to my disbelief, it snapped out of my body

leaving a void in it..a vacuum space

which I never could fulfill

My heart broke into two pieces

where one says love you the most

and the other says….leave you alone…

The dilemma was still one, even then I fell in love again and again

As deep down I was yours….forever.