As I watched from the cliff edge


I ran towards the edge

jumping off the cliff

flying like the birds spreading my hands up like wings

the moments I was pushed up by the air pressure

when the gravitation and the air pressure conflicted

as who should carry me further 

I opened my eyes 

viewing the beauty that was sucking me up

the wind was gushing onto my face

as I was pulled down

when gravity decided to pull me deep down 

I relaxed and let it drag me away into the earth

down was the inviting blue ocean wavering 

Like a Dolphin, I waded into the aquamarine 

the air thrust me too deep into the ocean

and the water pushed me up high

I shut my eyes

as I went deeper, and suddenly I felt my world go blank

filled in with the blue sea, my organs were floating in me

Something pulled me up ,as

as I was going down the deep dark hole of my conscience

As I opened up my eyes

it was the prettiest sight of my love

As he kissed me, I realized my world was empty without him.



He could sense the feeling of being hers


He smiled all along as they spoke

he blushed whenever she kissed him

their affection was visible

the way she held his hands while talking

giggling her way through the pathways

she was inclined to him always

he could feel the love she had in her eyes

the way she moved around him like a satellite

moving around like the attracting poles of magnets

being around with him made her happier

he knew she was the one born for him

he looked at her with as much admiration and love

as if god had created a unique piece just for him

he played with her long hair

he loved to cuddle her all the time

he wanted to be with her in her arms every second of his life

going away was the painful part for him

the whole day at work

he never missed a chance to listen to her voice

he knew the eagerness with which she waited for him to call

her voice was a melody for him, which he could listen evermore

she waited for him to be home

he knew she would wait even if he tells her not to

as she knows how much happier he would be to see her waiting

love was undefined in terms of their affection

he could never see her in sorrow

she held him closely as he comes home

the words ” I love you” uttered as many times

just doubled the count of their fondness.

His heart melted at her sight


He held her in his heart forever

waiting impatiently for her arrival

outside several doors

he was not sure how he could handle her

yet he was certain he would love her the most

the wait prolonged until he heard her cry inside

there she comes all cuddled and wrapped up

the freshness of her skin was reflecting

he wanted to hold her in his arms

yet he was scared that he might hurt her

he told the nurse to hand her to her grandmom

she held her in such a way to give him a good view of her

her soft tender hands were crawling out of the wrapping

she was yawning ..still, feeling the comfort of her mother’s womb

she smiled and yawned again…

opening her eyes slightly…

then again shutting it again as if she just didn’t care it

and wanted to sleep

her sweet lips and cheeks

were inviting his lips

he wanted to hold her

but didn’t know how he could

slowly as her grandmom, handed her to him

he was confused which way to hold

yet he knew, he will never drop her

she was like a soft cloud, like cotton balls

cuddled in the towel

the pinkishness has not vanished,

the skin was soft …he kissed her gently

and handed over to her grandmom again

afraid to hurt her

he still yearned to hold her in his arms and cuddle her.

He held her in his heart


His eyes were filled with tears

His heart was pumping hard

He held her arms tightly

as her eyes were deeply looking into his

he tried to hold her towards him closely

but even as he tried, she was hurting herself

he couldn’t see her in pain

all he wanted was her happiness

Yet, as she fell into thorns, he held her tightly

his eyes trying to betray his heart to not let her go

he slowly closed his eyes, conveying to her that it is time to let go

she helplessly, let her hands off the thorns she held

loosening herself into his arms

finally, the pain they were afraid to embrace was not existing at all

all she felt was the joy of being in him

he squeezed her in his arms

dismissing everything for a second

his tears ran down his cheeks to her lips

he brushed his lips on her’s

caressing her in his arms

they snuggled

and the universe rejoiced their union

as she began to cry out of joy

he fondly held her cheeks and nibbled it

She smiled shyly and hid in his arms

All they did was love and forget themselves in the world who separated them.

As he lay on her lap …listening


She was busily talking to him all along

their words were uninterrupted

they spoke for hours and hours

he looked at her with utmost love with his lips just giving a smile

his eyes were locked in her eyes

even if she talked and talked

her hands were fiddling in his hands

and her eyes fixed on him all along

she could speak of anything and everything all along

he smiled and enjoyed her talks

her hands slowly moved on to his forehead

he slid his head onto her lap, enjoying the fondling fingers in his hair

she loved to be with him all along

she cuddled him in her arms and planted a kiss on his forehead

he slowly drifted into sleep …embraced by her

she watched as he slipped into sleep, she adored it

she kept looking at him and loved him more and more.