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As I watched from the cliff edge


I ran towards the edge

jumping off the cliff

flying like the birds spreading my hands up like wings

the moments I was pushed up by the air pressure

when the gravitation and the air pressure conflicted

as who should carry me further 

I opened my eyes 

viewing the beauty that was sucking me up

the wind was gushing onto my face

as I was pulled down

when gravity decided to pull me deep down 

I relaxed and let it drag me away into the earth

down was the inviting blue ocean wavering 

Like a Dolphin, I waded into the aquamarine 

the air thrust me too deep into the ocean

and the water pushed me up high

I shut my eyes

as I went deeper, and suddenly I felt my world go blank

filled in with the blue sea, my organs were floating in me

Something pulled me up ,as

as I was going down the deep dark hole of my conscience

As I opened up my eyes

it was the prettiest sight of my love

As he kissed me, I realized my world was empty without him.



he was the honey to the sweetness in me


All this distance was killing

All I could see was him

even if I kept my eyes open or close

all I could feel was the warmth of his breath on my neck

the ticklish touch that drives me crazy was taking my breath away

the more I longed, the more my heart yearned for his presence

everything about him was striking

all I could recollect was the way he looked at my eyes

the way he said how much my eyes melted his soul

I wondered how a gem like him was hidden away from me

he brightened my life and polished me like a diamond

with him, everything seemed to go right

he set my path and lit me in the right direction

and all I did was to love him deeply

his love was something that I missed in my life

as he held my hands close to his heart … I could feel I was alive

he kept my heart beat longer in synch with his

his one look was enough to bloom me

and all I could feel was his touch..the warmth of his body against mine

the loneliness killed our souls but it strengthened our life

to be with each other for long-term battling all the pains in life

his hands held me up

As we walked through the stormy life to our destination

the one we chose for ourselves.

Battling with my heart


I sat beside the window

watching the trees battling with the wind

I felt numb as I knew my mind was battling the same inside me

the battle keeps on until one looses

but for me, it was just me and my soul fighting

I didn;t know whom to support

when one fought for my happiness and another one happiness of others

one was for him, and one was against him

the battling kept on going powerful

yet none succeeded

I knew that the one my soul ever wanted was him

it never stopped, and stood up the best way

As he held me strongly, the battle slowly favoured him

I knew, in the end, my happiness would be chosen, as it is the destiny.

I walked upon my sacrifices and the pain that I buried in my soul

to reach for him, as he held my hands

I felt like I was taken up to heaven

his eyes looked upon mine as if I was a princess to him

As he kissed me, I felt all my bits fallen away into the thin air

The only thing left was just me with the one I loved.

As I lay there on the grass beside him


I lay there awake

awaiting the mist to move away from my eyes

as I opened up my eyes

it was the clear sky above me

and holding my hand he lay there

I could feel the freshness of the dew drops on my skin

the feel of the wind caressing my face

the wind was brushing my nose

yet the warmness of his hand was enough to console me

the trees smiled at us, the birds winked at us

we lay there for hours gazing the amazing nature

I could hear the heartbeat as I lay on his chest

feeling the love that was treasured for me

the love that awakens my soul

the passion in me is provoked by him

All I knew was the love that flowed from his heart

the never ending anymore in our souls

quenched the lust in our mortal part.

Enliven by him..


Green grass attracts me

the dew drops on them

is like water beads on the green threads

As I keep my foot on the grass

the droplets are tickling my sole

the green leaves and the shady trees that waves in the wind

is like breezing my soul

I could feel the brush of the wind past my skin

I could feel the whispering of the leaves

as if they were gossiping about the place

the flowers around me giggled as if they were smiling at me

I flashed a smile at them, waiting for the one I wanted to see

As I overlooked from the bunch of flowers

there he walked in

with a smile

that even brightened up the whole place

he not only electrified my soul

but also everything around me

the whole place lit up like the awakening sun in the early morning

the brightest color that entices the whole world

he was like the sun to me

whose warmth was the reason that I bloomed

the thirst for his presence was prodigious that at a time I wished I was just a part of him

rather than being away from him

his presence made me alive and thrive

he was like the nectar of the flower

like the nature awakened to the dawn

I was enlivened by him.

She was chained …


The busy roads

Vehicles running past here and there

everyone busy in mobiles or reading newspapers

the world around her was revolving faster

faster than her heart beat

every second flashed through

the time was ticking quickly

she wanted to hold a second in her hand

and sweep through every microsecond in it

living through the moments

she wished she could live every second with him

looking into his eyes, feeling his warmth

forget the rushing world around them

just them in the whole world

where they could love and be one again

none has time, even when they can find time

she battled among the loneliness and the crowded world

emotions caused a huge shadow where she resisted herself to be one among the crowd

she was all alone, even when thousands were holding her hands

she thought it was her inner self, pulling her away from everything around her

she smiled hiding her tears, battling with the tears rolling out of her eyes

the feelings were crushed under the feets of others

who knew her, but never realized her dreams

she dreamt of running away throwing away all the shackles of emotions

but the chains were stronger, that it wounded her soul, more than her body

the wounds never healed, it bled and bled enough that she forgot the pain

as her body was lost in the space

She looked out of the window for the hope

a hope that let her live the afflictions

the agony of being alive till the hope arrives one day to revive her

her soul waited for the moment to liberate from her tortured mortal

she stayed up all along with contemplation.

She waited all the while …..


Her eyes were on the path leading to her home

her eyes were waiting for him

the wait was killing her

it was getting darker outside

the clouds turned all dark, overshadowing her surroundings

blanketing a layer on to the beauty of nature

the only place that was lit up was where she stood

she looked far beyond the street lights where she could spot him

her eyes were drowsy, but still, the eagerness to be near him always lit up her face

the wait was dragging and killing yet she waited

Then, suddenly her eyes were bright

her pupils widened at the sight of him walking towards her

She felt the weariness in his face, yet upon seeing her, he too smiled

it seemed like he was freshened up with her presence

he smiled and she ran towards him, hugging him tightly

even though his body was all tired, he held her so close and tightly without a gap in them

she felt that she was the happiest wife in the whole world

she held his hand..walked under the bright light of the moon, that lit their path to home

this was a routine, yet she enjoyed the wait, even though it was the most killing part.

she felt at times, the clock never moved, and

while she was with him, she felt the time was running away from her hand

time played a crucial role in her life

yet her love overpowered all those difficulties.

she could wait for ages for him ..for love.