Surviving thoughts

I just watched around

doing nothing

just doing nothing

I lay idle all day

even when I had plenty of time

time was slipping away

yet I stayed with wide opened eyes

not knowing what went wrong

nothing was impressing me

was I losing my hopes?

I didn’t know where I was burying myself

a deep dungeon of lost memories

I build myself to hide away from truth

the truth that was twitching me every second

yet I left a window of hope

the  window to the world

who will accept me one day

the world that will pull me out of my four walls

As I knew hope was the anchor of a life

I anchored deep down into a place where none knew me. 

Last piece of hope


I sat in dismay

wondering what made me fail

the failure hit my heart like a bomb

destroying the peacefulness in my life

everything shattered into pieces

which I tried to pick and join

yet everything mismatched

the whole things seemed misplaced

thinking deeply I found what ruined me

trust played a vital role in breaking myself

yet courage was my power to rise

I decided to hold on to the last piece of hope

that shined across, to climb up the hole

the deep hole where I fell into following the unknown

the known played with my heart

molded into something I never ever imagined

the scars became the chains to bound my heart

to never follow the unknown

I learned that life wasn’t easier

yet I created a new me to follow my passion.

the passion that led me to my success

the new life I drew for myself was my dreamland

the land that flourished my dreams.

my soul got its wings to fly into the world of me.

Hope is the key to our puzzle


The pain is intense

I don’t know how to convey it to you

at times I thought Why should I put you through this pain

yet my silly heart is not convinced

did I pull you down from a peaceful life

I kept thinking, yet my silly heart denied

the pain of being away was so immense that

I felt dying was easier

I wish I could be near you forever

Life played a gamble with our lives

keeping us apart as two but as one single soul

locked up in the dilemma of love

you made my life simpler

with less complicated thoughts

yet we are moving in a puzzle

I wish I knew the key to the puzzle

and lock ourselves in a beautiful life together

hope is our key maker

with the hope I know one day we will be together.

She was chained …


The busy roads

Vehicles running past here and there

everyone busy in mobiles or reading newspapers

the world around her was revolving faster

faster than her heart beat

every second flashed through

the time was ticking quickly

she wanted to hold a second in her hand

and sweep through every microsecond in it

living through the moments

she wished she could live every second with him

looking into his eyes, feeling his warmth

forget the rushing world around them

just them in the whole world

where they could love and be one again

none has time, even when they can find time

she battled among the loneliness and the crowded world

emotions caused a huge shadow where she resisted herself to be one among the crowd

she was all alone, even when thousands were holding her hands

she thought it was her inner self, pulling her away from everything around her

she smiled hiding her tears, battling with the tears rolling out of her eyes

the feelings were crushed under the feets of others

who knew her, but never realized her dreams

she dreamt of running away throwing away all the shackles of emotions

but the chains were stronger, that it wounded her soul, more than her body

the wounds never healed, it bled and bled enough that she forgot the pain

as her body was lost in the space

She looked out of the window for the hope

a hope that let her live the afflictions

the agony of being alive till the hope arrives one day to revive her

her soul waited for the moment to liberate from her tortured mortal

she stayed up all along with contemplation.