Romance and Musings

Surrendering to Darkness

Let me surrender to you 

O Darkness 

I wonder Why I am in love with you

you take my shadows away

let me be free from it forever 

I become what I am in the darkness

open up my heart with all the love

with none to judge and decide

the beauty of the darkness is engulfing my mind

the starry beauty of the night is elegant and bewitching 

let me be the one to swim around the night life

exploring the new horizons in my life.


Romance and Musings

Wake me from my slumber

I fell many times

I was ashamed 

I hid from the world

running away into the dark

which was once the scary place to visit

now became a home to me

I sat there under the shade …with my eyes open

watching the world move ahead of me

I wanted to step out

but the way I got blended with darkness

it was like an envelope for me

protecting me from all evil

one day held your hand out to me

I knew it was time…yet I was scared

you smiled… and pulled me out from my slumber

like a sapling out of the seed

I rose up from the sand

growing up to be someone ……I wished I could be …