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Effective ways to cope failure in life

Woman's failure thoughts
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Have you ever thought about being a failure in life?

It is indeed quite a burdening thought when it comes to life. It makes us feel like we are true burdens for others. A moment which shatters all the smiles around us. Mostly it happens as a result of postpartum depression or sometimes when we are stressed a lot.

Stress, to mind, is like cocaine to the brain, it brightens the illusions in our mind, causing us to forcefully think of being an utter waste in life. It is hard to digest sometimes, that even the healthy-looking person can be infected by such thoughts.

Anyways, there are no easy escapes, but quite a few tried and tested ones by myself and few I have always observed in others.

First of all, why do we get such a feeling of being a failure?

It is quite easy,

1.Firstly we always see ourselves, through the eyes of others.
2.Secondly, we judge our own capability.
3.Thirdly we assume we cannot do it or even try anything.
4.Finally, we suppress ourselves under a fear unknown.

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So, you see, it’s not an uncommon thing, everyone has a bit of this in them. You might assume that the successful ones are those who are not affected, but it is not right. They are successful because they fight these tiny demons in them and we, on the other hand, let the demon overpower us.

The sense of being a failure, is quite common in mothers, as the so-called expert mothers -who brand themselves as experts -downgrade the others. Actually it would be better to think none of us is perfect – actually, the children are perfect themselves. Again I am not blaming mothers, I just mentioned that when kids make it easier, parenting just eases and eventually streamline other activities.

When one woman has to undergo the change from a girl to a mother, she is quite surprised as well as alert. She becomes unsure about things related to her and as well as the baby. Giving them sufficient time would be ideal. God didn’t choose randomly for women to be mothers – they are actually crafted for the same, so any woman irrespective of age – turns into a mother when these hormonal changes happen.

Now how do we go about dealing with such negative feelings?

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Again it is not easy as pie. One needs to focus on many tiny aspects to bring out a big change. Some practices can make you actually feel good.

  1.   Keep yourself busy.
    2. Keep away from conversation wherein you are sure to be pinpointed. As those who pinpoint just enjoy doing it, irrespective of you being the “centre of attraction”.
    3. Better to do give yourself a break and take up “me time”.
    4. Being a mother is not the first thing happening in the universe, you are just among one in many, hence don’t stress, we all learn from mistakes.
    5.  Accept criticism positively, some are actually an eye opener, again depends on whom you are giving your ears too.
    6.  Take things slowly, give yourself time – we are not born Micheal Jackson to dance away easily.
    7.  Accept failures, there is nothing wrong in it.
    8.  Never give up.
    9.  Keep trying
    10. Keep trying…
    Again, just to put it clearly, I am not an expert too, but all I do is keep looping in the last point in my article – “keep trying “.

All the best to everyone, who are keeping up well and best of luck to all those who want to succeed in life. Every small tiny step counts, so take it – let it lead you to success that none foresee you can ever accomplish.

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Chronicles of a Just born 34

woman morning bathrobe bathroom
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Stepping into 30 was scary for me, as everybody gave a big hype about it in the earlier times. I still don’t feel like I am growing older, as I am still the same in the depth of my heart – Noisy, Lost and Childish.

It thought with age… I would grow better .. it is more intimidating for the rest, that I am not changing I believe. Hope They get used to that sooner.

The sooner the better.

Unlike others, I am never overwhelmed getting older, but all the more excited. For me, every day is a bonus – to achieve something I always dreamt of.

I try my best to get equipped with the ‘AGE’ thing, but as soon as the bday is over, I am back to my own realms of thought which nevertheless did grow.

Yet I am running in my 30s..

with all the confusions that likely I must solve on my own. Life is getting on another ride, with an unpredictable tomorrow or even just the next moments.. Still, I am gonna take it up. (anyways no other choice) .

As always:

NO Goals !!

No Pre-occupied thoughts !!

No specific resolutions !!

All I am going to dos i “Just Breathe”, I guess its enough for me to survive my journey. I will just fold my legs and sit and witness my angels grow up and start dealing with what all I just did and going to deal with in the future – may be a different way.

Am all set for my journey towards 40 😛

—–Chronicles of a just born 34



Extinct or Extent


Extensions of my due here

on earth never impressed me

all I ever wanted to be

was never to be extinct in one’s life

to be in everlasting love,

imagining to the core

engulfed by thoughts that

brings on my hormones to dance on…

an invincible life

that is grudged to the core

emotions that swirl across me

like the oceanic waves

bringing me the treasure underneath

unrevealing the secrets to me

as I remain the only one to receive it fully.



I have Lost….


I have lost

Lost what I ever loved

Lost what I ever wanted

who build these walls

walls that do not let me see

walls that do not let me cross

even then i let my heart leap over

my tears roll down without letting me know


I wish I had a time machine to run back the time i lost

It hard to find what you lost forever

living with the scars that had let you fall apart

listening to the agony of the scars that I let myself on

I wept enough all alone

yet you heard me

you could feel the vibrations of my broken heart

even miles apart, the connection existed

slide away the curtain from my dark world

let the light come into me

reflecting my soul

let me be a human …and live the life .






jobsforher.com Ambassador Meet up



Awesome !!!

In one word , if I could say how the meet up was – it was just Awesome.

To meet a bunch of empowering, self-made, energetic group of ladies ,who have worked harder and achieved a great deal. As I was sitting across the room listening to the self-introduction I was amazed at the number of years they had work experience and the comparatively shorter breaks. Breaks are not accountable to what they have gained in their vast experience. The pretty faces in the whole room actually filled the room with question,discussions, emotions, joy and applause.

The event contained many women who were quite successful and a few climbing up the ladder of success. Everyone there was an achiever, learned a lot from their experience in life and work. As I listened to them as a child listening to the stories, my mind kept wondering how on earth these ladies have come so far , their stories are quite motivational.

The lessons from the session shared by the Speaker -Vani ,was quite an insight into the struggles and accomplishments .

  • I loved the way she explained that having a confusion about what next to do is similar to being alive- if you don’t have confusion -you are equal to dead.
  • The next thing that truly caught my attention was the “make-shift approach” , which actually I had done in my career path- moving from Testing to Writing .
  • The third point which was a good catch was the “career-break is not an idle time ” – yes one need to focus on more learning when they are on the break rather than cribbing.
  • Ones you are talented you are never away from a job.
  • Self-learning and exploring are the best way to keep yourself updated.
  • And lastly to quote her ” Women are wired for it, to do multitasking” .

The session was indeed an enlightenment, a sure push to anyone who wants to do more in life and return to work. The group contained many entrepreneurs , writers, mentors etc. Their experiences was an interesting way to get to know more about what exactly is going on around us.

Listening to them, we might be ashamed that ,we are crying for nothing. As they are the true warriors. Meeting was a true emphasis of “women power”. The best example to show how women are helping other women.

Another topic of the meeting was the  https://www.explorelifetraveling.com/listing/jfh , a quite interesting one for people who want to make money through renting out their space to anyone . The best part of this venture  is that you can rent out space to communities who share similar interest with you.The place was quite aptly chosen , the ambiance and the place overall happen to bring out the best of all ambassadors. Overall the meet up was like a bunch of schoolmates coming up with wonderful and bright ideas empowering each other for a spectacular future. I guess more and more meetups are organized by the same groups to bring in more energetic ladies together. Everyone in the meet up was smiling and taking pictures , to save this memorable day of reviving oneself.

Kudos to all those who are part of this. Am glad I am involved .Hope we all work together to do something to empower womanhood.

Kids learn faster !!!



“Mama , Ola ” ,  I turned to her in astonishment . Yes , of course that was a Spanish word she said.

There was no other guess , she learnt  it from her favorite cartoon ‘Pocoyo’ . I do know that , because I have seen her watching Spanish episodes, sometimes French , or German nowadays even Chinese, but never expected her to learn it. It happens that whenever we are busy , we leave her to watch cartoon in the iPad and that led her to become quite a good expert on touchscreen.

She selects you tube on her own and selects her favorite cartoon to watch .As kids are not specific about language , they watch anything. 🙂 She showed me that language is never a barrier to learn or understand something. 

Kids are quite good at learning our fast growing technology and trends. They get to know many things , which we might not have seen or noticed. Once I noticed her do something on our mobile and something appeared on the screen, but after trying several times , we were not able to replay it. Then we had to observe what exactly she had done, only then we could do it.

Its funny , but that is the truth, kids are learning a lot and faster.They notice better than us and feel everything around them is important for them. They have the enthusiasm to learn which the older generation has lost.

I have heard the story of the mythological character Abhimanyu , son of Arjun and Subadra in Mahabharata , who learns to enter the Chakravuyh, while he was in his mother’s womb.As a mother, I have felt the movements my lil girl made when I used to talk to her whileshe was inside me.I wonder what knowledge must have been imparted to the infant inside the womb who just hear whats going around in the outside world.

The true way of learning is by imagination. In schools , kids learn pretend games and that help them to grow their  imagination a lot , beyond their boundaries.We should encourage them , so that ,their knowledge will become a source for them to the outer world. Let them get inspired by the nature, who is the true Teacher.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
― Albert Einstein