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I ran towards the end

the end I thought was all

stumbling upon rocks and puddles

getting as dirty as it can be

yet, no pain showed on my face

as I ran the world was pulling me behind

the world who had abandoned me in my run

I wanted to show the world

the strong me

the  hidden me till then

only a few pure souls

realised the purity in me

excited my soul

and let me grab the run

if it was easy, it would never be mine

it was the hardest to take in  and let go your past

breaking the barrier and widening you spheres

letting all the thoughts that wound you to unwind

success was never an inspiration

but the journey was the one that awakened the spirit in me

I would struggle until the victory was mine.

winning or losing never frightened me

as endeavour was the only hope to survive in life



The thirst


I felt like lost in a desert

lost among the sand dunes

searching for a destination to quench my thirst

the journey is taking long

yet there is no mirage to even trigger me walk along

the whole desert seems to swallow me as a whole

I wished for a hand to extend me a help

the thirst in me was killing my throat

eating away my mind

converting me into a beast

which could see none other than the vacant land

yet, my little human in me

led me through the desert

into the wisdom land

where I could find what I searched for

the land that brings me to life

I walked harder to reach my point

to my surprise, I covered the journey

the will in me let me conquer my fears

the poisonous thirst led me to my final place

where my destiny was tied up

As I saw the well filled in water

I ran to it, grabbed the bucket and filled it with water

thanked all the powers that let me complete my journey

the first drop of water after the long wait

it was like honey to my lips and elixir for my soul

I was rose to heaven as the first drop touched my mortal

I realized the worthiness of being alive.

Being Late cost me you


I never knew that being late was such a hardship

I lost you, in the whole journey

Being late cost me …you

the loss cannot be nullified

the void cannot be filled

yet we survive

to the fullest

my heart said ” better late than never”

the positivity brought me you into my life

even though miles apart

life gave me what I wanted

the most valued treasure in my life

the one who understands me

even with his eyes closed

even if the whole journey of my life went off the road

I met you at a cross road

where everything seemed to place right

even when we were travelling in two different directions

yet we met 

Memories floating in

As I woke up early up in the morning ,with my two lil girls cuddled up near me, I could feel that there is no other joy that can satisfy me in this world, other than being a mom. A blessing for my life turned my life positive and interesting. Until then I was just a girl ,with strong interests, but now, I selflessly fall in love .

The sweet Lil angels sleeping near me has transformed me into someone I may have never ever imagined to be ones. I remember the time as a child when I was more like a grumpy soul, now I can smile for simple things.

Enjoy the naughty things they do and even recollect all the small naughty lil things they did any day. I guess every second in my life is touched and purified by their presence.

As I was sitting next to them in the early hours of the morning before even the sunshine peeps into my room, I could see my kids , the memories of their first arrival in our lives was so fresh and unique.

When my first angel arrived, the mom in me was so tensed,excited, blurred, confused, happy and what not. As she popped out of me , so tiny and cute taking away all my pains of childbirth in a second , as if she came out with a magic wand in her hand and just swished it so that I am lost in a wonderland with her .She copped with my mistakes, my ignorance , my insecurities, my boredom , my lack of experience everything. She taught me how to hold a baby, so tight that none can take her away from me. She taught how to feed her .She taught me how to even play with her. She was my teacher . She made me fall in love. She took me by her little tiny fingers to the world of her own imagination .

she again motivated me to invite another motherhood journey.

With my second one, I was not amateur , but again we had to learn to cooperate, share, be friends, focus, and much more. She came into my life when I was all ready for her. As she came out of me, cutting away from the tag that she carried all along those 9 months of her life inside me I was overwhelmed, overjoyed, excited, tired , but yes she too brought a magic wand of happiness and all my weariness vanished .It was like God has made me double strong to deal with my little girls who were sure to rock my world. She is different from her sister and that made me happier. I never wanted to nurture two similar kids, they must be different , being same is no fun.

As I began with the second journey of being a mom , I hold the hands of my Lil ones who take my hands and walk beside me, making me feel proud of what am now. Whatever I do in work or life, I know overall AM A HAPPY MOM!!!!!

Journey towards becoming a mom :)


As all married couples we too wished to be parents , and by God’s grace it was right on time. As soon as I left my job and took a vacation home , and was enjoying my holidays with my parents and  my dear hubby , we knew about the new  upcoming guest in our life.

The next few months were very hectic ,all morning sickness,dizziness and many more.I though it will be all like in movies , everyone gets to know a wife is pregnant , after vomiting or fainting ,but then I realized that movies are just a big lie. It was not just once that I had vomiting , it was a long time contract of 9 months 🙂

I was treated like a queen, and that’s again the best time of life .:) During pregnancy , the 4th month, gave me a surprise ,when I could feel my baby. It was a marvelous feeling ,a movement of life inside us. I was so happy and excited ,I kept asking my mom and my husband to keep their hands over me and check the movements , as it was fun to see.

While she was growing inside , my nights became sleepless , but still I was enjoying it. I kept on doing things that stimulated my lil sweetheart inside me to move .I kept talking to my baby , about what was going around, I used to watch cartoons as one of my friend told me , that if I watch happy things the baby will be always happy .: ) I know this is the period of life when we are flooded with advises , but that is all about how they care for us and am thankful for such wonderful hearts around me. 

It was on Feb 3rd , at 10:15 pm , I still remember the moment I saw her in the arms of the nurse.I forgot all the pains I had and just focused on her lovely face,so innocent, so pure .I was relieved that she has safely come to earth ,and I would love her the most.

I know its hard to be a perfect mom , but I promise her that I would do my very best to be a good mom to her. And its just not me alone , but her dad too would love her to the core and make a lovely life for her 🙂

Vexatious journey from Bangalore to ernakulam




I always loved train journey ever since I was a kid. Looking out of the window , enjoying the fast moving world , the touch of the breeze on my hair , sometimes little droplets of rain falling on my cheeks during the rainy season , journey was fun .

When I moved to Bangalore , myself and my husband used to go to Kerala , by train , if ever we get the tickets else it was the boring bus journey.I experienced the proper local train rush , one day when we had to go in the local compartment.It was a dreadful journey , I think I ever had.

That day , we were so happy , that we had booked the tickets for home by train , since it was the first time after marriage that we were travelling in train. We got down from office , earlier so that so we could reach the station on time . As we reached the station , we realized that,the ticket we booked was for the day train and not the one for evening. We didn’t know what to do, we stood there thinking , totally insecure.

Our families were waiting for us there back home , since it was Onam holidays .Then we decided to take a local compartment ticket and as the time was nearing , we reached near the train to board the train. As I stood there , I was stunned as I saw people were like cluster of bees moving into the beehive , I was not going to board that train at any cost . We stood there waiting for the last train to come.

At 9 the last train came and we went in ans sat in the general compartment . As minutes passed , the compartment was getting filled , more and more people were boarding the train , and the compartment looked smaller for such a big group of people .At last the train moved , someway we tried to manage to sleep a little , I don’t know when I slept, may be when I was tired of seeing peoples faces , I slept off.

It was early morning , when I opened my eyes , I noticed the train wasn’t moving , I asked my husband what had happened. When I came to know , the train was stopped because of a silly strike and the train will not move until evening . I was outraged , but what to do then , we were stuck in some unknown place. 

Many started to abandon the train , and took the road way. We too decide to go on, some way we got a group taxi and went to the nearest bus  service area, can’t call it a city anyways.We got a bus from there , to Coimbatore and from there we took another bus to Cochin. 

To add more fun to our journey , this bus which we boarded , had its tire punctured at least 3 times during the whole journey.Someway ,we reached the Kerala border ,after hours and hours of waiting . To continue our journey , we took a local bus commuting in the local area and some way we reached Trichur. 

At last we had an hour more to our home , we were damn hungry and it was almost afternoon and we decided to eat.After that the last bus to board to our home came and we took the bus.But as we anticipated , it took almost 3 hours to reach our city , just because there was road work going on.

Not to end in the journey in a bad way , we reached home at around 6, we were so tired ,exhausted and more over cursing the whole government and the people and our fate too to have such a journey.

Even though the journey was quite different from any other journey we took up, I realized that we were more blessed .

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
― Albert Einstein