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Parenting is sharing responsibilities

Everything you do for your child should be done together.

The beauty of doing it together makes the sharing and caring double and the child benefits from the love of his/her parents. The child who is loved truly by the parents are the happiest ones. The confidence and the positiveness that the child projects is the complete evidence of the love in the family.

Childcare is not only a woman’s responsibility. Parenting is not a task done by a mother alone. A father and mother have equal responsibility. We have so far gone through many cases where only the woman is directed to do, and the men become the bread winner. Little do they realize that childcare is supposed to be a sharing responsibility.

The growing cases of postpartum depression are mainly due to the increasing negligence of the men to help their spouse to handle a newcomer in the family. People think a woman can handle the responsibility of a mother, but everyone needs a helping hand.

Actually, a woman should stop pretending for being some super woman . I am tired of being watching the super woman ads in the TVs. Throwing a different ideology. Why can’t girls be normal, do things what they like than being a super nova or something?

I guess I need to teach my kids to take it slow and live a stress-free life. Every kid should be taught to do the same, be happy and be content with what they are . Parenting is the one way to usher that, When both parents work together to help their own child, the child understands that for everything a man and the woman has to shoulder each other rather than compete.

We are not in the world of competing for each other to be a great mom or a great dad. No one is perfect ,so sharing the responsibility will improve the bonding of the family rather than breaking it and make it appear like a race. And finally, the stressed out family points fingers at each other.

To have a better life, everyone needs to share responsibilities rather than burdening one person. It’s the same with sharing your expenses in the family too , helping your man to earn well and save rather than stress in their jobs too.

Romance and Musings

Bonding with Family


Family doesn’t mean only parents , and my lovely daughter is enjoying that fun life now. I was not sure how she will get along ,even though I was half sure that she will be happy with people around .And Yea , I was right , she is enjoying everything , a new life style which is always my favorite.

Living in a different greenery , a different place ,without being clad in all jackets and enjoying long morning walks to the temple enjoying the sun, rain , getting all the extra attentions from her grandparents and mostly being around with her cousins and extended family .

Sometimes when we are busy in getting things done in our life, this small and lovely moments in our life help us to move forward . Now she got her grand mom to complaint about her mom , when I don’t give enough attention to her activities. She has her great grand mom to complaint about her grand mom  and she keeps chattering around the house like a lil butterfly full of lovely colors making their silent life full of noises . 

I don’t know how much she will remember later in her life , but mostly what I can do is to keep these moments alive in her life as stories . Like we ask our parents about what we used to be like in our childhood , my kid will also ask me and of course I will have a lot to tell her .