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The wind whispered in my ears


As I sat there up in the balcony

overlooking the farmlands

where the grass swayed in the soft breeze

and the cranes sat there waiting to catch their prey keenly waiting near the pond

the sight of birds flying away in the sky towards the other end

As I sat gaining the momentum of my pen to write down

whatever I felt into the diary of my heart

the soft breeze kissed my cheeks as it conveyed a message from my dear one

the wind snuggled within my hair

tying a knot on it as if it never want to wander away

the strong bond of love

it made with me

never letting me stay away

the whole nature was bridging the gap in between me and him

the wind carried the messages and whispered in my ears

the clouds created a camouflage of his image in the sky for me to see him

as if it was a reflection of him in the sky

the air brought me the scent of him

and placed it on my soul for me to feel him

Even if miles apart, All I could feel was him near me

my thoughts kept wandering around him

and he remained like a fresh flower in my heart.

He could sense the feeling of being hers


He smiled all along as they spoke

he blushed whenever she kissed him

their affection was visible

the way she held his hands while talking

giggling her way through the pathways

she was inclined to him always

he could feel the love she had in her eyes

the way she moved around him like a satellite

moving around like the attracting poles of magnets

being around with him made her happier

he knew she was the one born for him

he looked at her with as much admiration and love

as if god had created a unique piece just for him

he played with her long hair

he loved to cuddle her all the time

he wanted to be with her in her arms every second of his life

going away was the painful part for him

the whole day at work

he never missed a chance to listen to her voice

he knew the eagerness with which she waited for him to call

her voice was a melody for him, which he could listen evermore

she waited for him to be home

he knew she would wait even if he tells her not to

as she knows how much happier he would be to see her waiting

love was undefined in terms of their affection

he could never see her in sorrow

she held him closely as he comes home

the words ” I love you” uttered as many times

just doubled the count of their fondness.

First Love~an unconditional tale


Surrounded by shady green trees, the path laid with fallen leaves and yellow flowers, their path was looking like a flower bed and they held their hands and walked slowly down the lane. The fresh smell of flowers and freshness of greenery filled in the air. And the soft breeze was tantalizing. Walking down the lane, they talked and talked a lot about everything and anything around them.

They giggled,

They laughed,

They hugged and kissed each other so lovingly that one can never ever take their eyes off them.

Everyone gazed at them, as they passed by, their smiles were infectious. The joy of being together imprinted on their pretty faces.They went everywhere in each others company, every moment they spent together were so precious.They could never part their ways.

Their conversations were endless and always engaging. The smiles never faded on their faces, their love was inseparable and powerful. He called her princess all the time, and yes she was his princess forever. He knew how to keep her happy.  

He was the happiest man on earth to have such a beautiful angel in his life. The moments they spend together inscribed as memories in his heart forever. If someone hurts her, it would be the last time they did that. The unconditional love was totally on him and he would do anything for her in the whole universe. 

As they walked by these alluring streets holding their hands, he felt that the universe is blessing them all along. Suddenly she left his hand and ran off to the bridge, as something attracted her and she called out for him “be quick”. And there on the banks were beautiful white swans floating in those bluish green waters. Her excitement was endless, she jumped with happiness. As the swans move little further she was not able to watch it. 

She held his hand and pulled, he just took her in his arms, like always. These sign languages were not something apart from their lives, he knew what she meant even if the words doesn’t flow. 

He carried her in his arms, like a beautiful flower, and showed her the world around him. From the day one, she was born, she was being held in his arms, and she will be his little baby princess forever and ever. All the little girls treasure their dads as real heroes, as no one can replace that Hero in her life as he is her first love.

~~~~~Dedicated to all dads who is blessed with daughters~~~~