Romance and Musings

Mommy’s little helper in the kitchen


Its fun to have kids helping us in the kitchen. 

My lil lovely daughter loves to  linger around me in the kitchen , when am cooking. She is very  keen to know what exactly am up to , and since she cannot reach to the top to see what am cooking ,she immediately raise her two hands and stand, it just simple meant , please take me.

I take her when am able to and show what is cooking in the pan , then the next thing she want to do is to stir whatever is in the pan. Then it leads to a big fight because I don’t want her to get any burns.

So we decided to get her a play kitchen , and she as happy to play with it. She kept the kitchen inside my kitchen and she copies what exactly I was doing in their. It  is so amusing ,to see kids imitating us, then we realize how we are doing the same. She stirs in her pan , just like me, wash and clean the kitchen just the way how I do.

Then later she changed  her method of helping me, she pulls a small stool and then stand on it when I was making chapatis . At first she always wanted to roll them , but later on when I told her that I will loose time , she started to make the chapati balls and keep one after the other whenever I needed.

Some days , when we return from her school, she helps me setting up the table too .In her small hands I give her plate and she keeps it on the table. She loves to help me and when I say thank you to her she jumps in happiness.

She helps in serving her dad the dishes I keep on the tables , especially the salads,but anyways give him more than he wants as always 🙂

Its so lucky to have kids helping us in anything we do, since they learn many things,We need to always encourage then to be a part our daily household work , since it reduces our tension and we get more  time to be with them.