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School days taught me much -which I realised lately

It is a holiday time again..

And yet another roller coaster ride for coming 10 days.

All the school things remind me of my school and childhood days. The fun days, the carefree part of our childhood. Evey child must enjoy their childhood, the best part of the life where you are never blamed for being happy or sad. Rather than crushed in the turmoil of harsh competitions let them enjoy the most of their school days.
I see parents so confused on what their child should pursue and do …but in my case… there were not many thoughts to buy..we all led the life, as it came along to us and welcomed them as it was.

In my school times, I used to enjoy everything that comes around from small competitions (in order to get out of classes and tests) and any sports or annual day. My whole point of being always in school was to be a part of all the activities, enjoy to the most and cherish every fond memory.

I may not be popular or ‘the best’ but I always loved the company of anyone who tagged along with me. I liked being at school. It was the only place I felt like second home, as my mom was a teacher, I was always on the school premises.

Instead of being at home… all day waiting for your mom who is in school, it was good to be in school munching around something from the canteen with the little pocket money I got.

Even the empty classroom, the empty boards, and benches, never made me upset. I loved the company of my teachers and at times their kids.

This is how I learned to manage on my own…through my mom… I never realized that all these I was learning all the way through my childhood to my current stage. Every child learns at the time they are born. The funny game of learning new skills, that no school can teach or books.

Play Time



My daughter loves to play around with her toys as all other kids with her toys scattered around which she never bothers to pick up n clean.

I know this is with all the kids . The more we ask them to clean up , the more messier they become.My lovely daughter has a different method, she pretends that she is cleaning up and puts just one or two in the basket and the rest she will ask us to clean it up.

Whenever am off to cleaning , I someway manage to clean up her toys and the moment I clean up the room and move to the next one, she makes sure that , she puts all the toys back on the floor. 🙂 And the cleaning becomes a never ending process.

When her granddad was here , I cannot recollect how many times , that he used to help in cleaning up her toys , but I do appreciate the patience in doing so. Grandparents can do a a lot many things for their grandchildren , all out of love and affection.

Whenever her dad makes a bigger tower than hers, she knocks it down and again make him do it .She always love to play with her dad, because only dads can play as the kids want them to. How much ever they get tired , dads adore to play with their lovely little kids.

Play time is the best way to teach many things to kids , they learn , enjoy and enact what they have learnt. It so beautiful to observe the kids play. 

Bed time story


For past few days , a story has become an unavoidable thing in our bedroom before sleep.

Earlier , when every other parents used to say that, we need to read out a story to our kids , its good for them . Everyone  told me that there were few benefits like ,the first and the foremost kids sleep early , secondly they learn many things through stories and as such many more.

I too thought that , its best way to put her to sleep , I kept trying for many months , and the outcome was total waste of my sleep , because instead my daughter ,it was me who was getting sleepier.

The moment I start to read out a book for her, she snatches it from me and start looking at the pictures and do not allow us to put off the lights until she finishes looking at it at least 5 times  over n over .Then I realized that book was not a good enough idea , so another idea popped up that I will memorize a few stories n tell her.

As I was not a good story teller , I couldn’t memorize or tell her any kind of stories  and it all ended up in a total mess. As such my imagination doesn’t work that well at night especially when am off to bed . I was so ashamed ,that what a mom I was ? Can’t even tell a story to her .So as usual I stopped thinking about it , because , it never gave me any conclusion other than am a failure in story telling. 

I decided not to force her, but one afternoon, as she was watching her favorite stories in TV , I noticed that she was concentrating on the narration ,so I quickly checked out the story, its kind of , I got used to those stories now , as they were being played at least fifty times in our house. That night I told her a story and she slept listening to it , if even I paused , she asked me why did I stop, so I understood she was interested and it made me more happy.

One thing I learnt was that , trying to force something on kids doesn’t help , better is to wait and watch , when the time comes , they will surely follow what we wanted them to do. 

Joy of Cooking



In my early years , I always hated the idea of cooking and was rather interested in eating whatever my mom cooked.

I thought marriage was dangerous , as I will have to cook all the time and the worst of all what will be the condition of who eats it. But who can stop the destiny , I got married . 😦 , them the initial stage of cooking was like all trial and error , as I wasn’t sure what to make and how to make and as all newly weds have  , I too had lot many confusions in my mind.

Luckily , in some or the other way , some dishes came out well , so I was kind of relaxed ,but always got tensed when I had guests at home. Cooking was kind of curiosity , until I see a smile from my husbands face after he has the first bite of it , I am always worried ,since he checks whether the food is appetizing . I am thankful for that , he was the one who motivated me in cooking , as all other people , I too loved to be praised for what i did. 🙂

And now cooking has become a passion, as I wanted to make something always special for my daughter. I love to see her eat what I cook and when she says “its delicious mama ” , I am happy. That is more than any other appreciation I have ever received. 

I was someone , who hated the idea of cleaning and cooking , but now am someone who insist to do it, as I don’t want her to learn bad things from me and I have to set a good example for her .

Children learn from what we do , rather than what we tell them , they should do.

You do… I too do the same


My lil daughter is following that pattern now, imitating her dad and her mom.

She wants to wear the same kind of slippers that I wear and says ” Mama..matching matching ” .The whole day when she is with me, she wears that, once her dad enters home, she needs to wear slippers something similar to her dad.She does not even let him remove it and sit anywhere, all time it should be on his legs ( poor her dad).

When am cooking , she looks at me and tries to copy exactly what I do , like if am stirring something in the pan, she too does the same. If I stand leaning on to the table , she does the same… it’s so lovely and cute to see them do all these. 

In bad sense I meant , many times when I get angry on her, for her mischievousness , I raise my hands to show her that I would beat her, and I noticed that , she does the same to her doll , while she was playing with it. I felt sad, bad and totally lost, and didn’t know what to do. The act I did was killing me inside , I felt I should not have done it, and I have to correct it.Now whenever I get angry , I try to control ,myself , not to enact such silly mistakes.

Kids learn a lot from us, even though we don’t teach them as such, they tend to learn from what they see around.As parents , we need to be quite sure what words we use, what actions we show and many more.