I can see my lil one growing up to be a caring and loving sister to her younger sister.

I feel so proud when I see her taking care of her, she helps me to feed her , picking up the things i ask when am busy with her younger sister, making her sleep . Whatever she is busy with , she leave it , immediately seeing her sister awake. She likes to play with her ,all the time ,and even like to put her to sleep by singing for her.

I love the way she helps me to put her to sleep , which is toughest thing for me to do,the moment she starts singing for her, she gets her to sleep . As all other kids ,she gets angry and jealous too ( of course she is a kid too) sometimes. She copy whatever we keep telling to her baby sister. When I  play with her , she immediately leaves whatever she does and comes and join us.

Truly with all these magic around  me

, I feel having two ids is really a double blessing , of course there are hardships , troubles, we loose lots of patience , we shout , cry , everything happens , but that’s life. 

And am enjoying it a lot as a mom .

love u mom

“Mom you always scold me , and not my brother, you love him more than me “

Am pretty sure , most of them who have a brother or sister must have  told this to your mom several times . Even me too…don’t know how many times but surely uncountable . As a kid,I used to get angry when my brother was given extra attention , which was just my side of view to situations.

As always I was wrong , and I realised that no mom can love their kids differently, but only equally . As a mom of two , I can understand now what it feels like when our elder kid feels ,when am loving the younger one. We moms unintentionally , make our elder ones insecure.

My lovely daughter , who is always mature enough sometimes, is behaving like a baby , just to get special attention, inspire of me explaining her that I love her as she is . And of course she will be my lil baby forever. And I found a way to make her feel comfortable , just to be with her all the time , and  involve her in everything I do, even for my second one.

Really thanks to my mom, and my wonderful friends who is always  with me when am totally lost.  

Myself and my mom had enough fights for a life time, and now she asks me ” which kid of yours do u love more? ” and the only thing I could tell her is that….” whatever it is…don’t I love u mom always” . 

And that’s the only strong belief I can keep having forever, that whatever I do, am pretty sure , that my lil ones will always love me .


job or parenting ????


A common dilemma  in a woman’s  life , is choosing between something she wants to do and something she likes to do.

A job, is something she wants to do , to become independent and earn on her own than asking anyone else . But even being a full-time mom also she wants ,because she does it out of unconditional love. Being mom , was something I chose to , for my lovely daughters , because  I want to be with them in every step of their life, every move they make, I want to be a silent contributor, I treasure these as the most beautiful memories and moments in my life.

I know how much other moms miss , when they go for jobs, and some don’t , it’s up to every individual how they can manage everything. I opted for being a full-time mom, as I cannot manage a job as well as my family , may be am not perfect enough for the same, but I love being mom than being an employee…because job never gives me a satisfaction of being a mom. 

For every woman , there is a point of time ,when they have to sacrifice few things, but am sure its just a wise decision , for me I didn’t want to miss my kids presence , I feel so empty when am without them.  I advised many mommies , depending on how their kids react to their absence , if the kids need their mommies , then am pretty sure , they should be  with them. 

You can get a job anytime , but kids , they grow , and by the time you are out of job, you feel , you have missed many things . And of course  being mommy is a full-time job , giving us the best satisfaction ever in our life.

Dad’s melting heart



Dad’s are truly so sweet I feel, they show toughness outside , but most of them just melt away at the sweet request of their lovely kids.

One best example is my lovely husband ,though he shows up to us as a serious guy, he is the right opposite to our lovely darling.Once she comes up with requests , which she knows her mom , that’s me , won’t do it for her, she starts all her drams and the first one to fall for it is her dad.

Other day , she was asking for chocolates and immediately I said no to it, as I wanted to be a good mom and not to spoil her teeth ….and her dad repeated the same. But she was adamant , she though to keep on trying because she knows either one of us will fall for her demands.

She kept crying ,and I immediately moved to the kitchen, not to see her, else I would be the first to agree to her.Her dad as usual said “NO ” to her first ,then slowly when her cry grew more n more louder ,he said ” I don’t have chocolates here , I will go get it from outside” , then again the next stage of crying started ,then her dad said ” OK , only one chocolate, no more OK” .

And it all ended up in her having 4 chocolates in her hand , and I couldn’t stop laughing.Seriously , dads are sweet , they can’t stop themselves in making their sweet little pie happy.

The time my lil one , enters home back from her school, she keeps calling her dad, thinking he might be hiding in somewhere , waiting to surprise her. Even when he is late from work, she keeps waiting for him, that’s the loveliest thing to see and the moment he puts the key in the door to open, then she jumps up with joy.

For dad’s their lil angel will be the same , how much ever they grow.

Me and my dad :)


The cutest thing i have ever seen in my world is the bonding between my lil one and her dad. 

Its so beautiful , she being a daddy’s lil angel. However they grow, it will be the same .I too love to be with my dad .We speak a lot about my aspirations, my dreams , and many more. 

My lil darling waits for her dad to come home , before she sleeps, other day when I put her to sleep ,as he might be late from work, she kept on asking me why he was not coming mama ? why is he late ?? and many more questions . She waits near the door , waiting for the slightest  sound of the door opening or even his footsteps  and her dad entering into the house, where then, she can call out me saying that her ‘dad is home’.She keeps on murmuring to herself about him and drifts to sleep. 

The moment  he enters the house , if he finds her sleeping, he comes and give her a sweet kiss on her forehead ,and of course,  he will be missing his time with her.

If she is wide awake ,then , the enthusiasm  she shows is like a stimulus for him , to which he responds , and  they both starts to play around and I keep watching them. Its like he initiates everything to play with her, but due to tiredness he cannot proceed more and she will be like more energetic and wants to play with him ,even if it for the whole night. 😉

Earlier whenever I ask him to take her out alone, he used to panic, as if I asked him to face something dangerous. But now things have changed , he feel bad, if he doesn’t take her along.

Its so special to watch them , play together, eat together and cuddle together. At night , however she pushes him almost out of the bed. 😉 I wonder , when he might fall out of bed.