Romance and Musings

The more she cared, the more she loved


If there was a reason to hate…she would know

but when she looked at him, there was none

the way she loved him, was never an intention

it was a desire to be his, that drove her to him

with him, she was just herself

she never had to pretend to be someone

she was never shy to love

she could be all she wanted and smile unconditionally

he brought the joy in her life

she never knew she could love someone so much

her eyes were locked in his eyes and her hands caressing his forehead

letting him sink into the sleep on her lap

she could be like that forever

being his better half was a pleasure

where she enjoyed every bit of taking care of him

love is endless

she could love him more than she could even imagine

she enjoyed being locked in his eyes forever

the eyes that told her everything, that his lips could not.

the arms that could hold her, which the heart desires.

Romance and Musings



Ever felt the aroma of real life. Here’s the story of one such aroma.

The amazing tale of aroma that arise from the hidden ingredients of the kitchen. The smell is heavenly and will keep you floating towards the food. 

Every morning she wakes up, to the mixed aroma of the tantalizing agarbathis from the pooja room and the smell of the morning tea. The moment when the tea powder mixes with the colorless water, adding a golden tinge to it. 

The thought of the mesmerizing color makes her arise from the sleep and urge her to take a plunge into the golden brown water and dance across the cup, as if she was stirring the cup of tea, in between giving a cyclone movement to the crystals of sugar poured into the cup. 

The sugar touches her feet like snow crystals, making her sway in the cyclone created by the spoon stirring the hot cup, with the fumes of the hot cup rising and spreading its wings and flying away like a butterfly from the cocoon, spreading the joy of warmth and aroma across the rooms. 

The smell urge her to to grab the cup and plant a kiss on the lips of the tea cup. She cannot resist the feeling and she runs to take her share of love and warmth. The moment she closes her eyes and proceeds to the tip of the cup as if she is a lover planting a kiss on her love, the world pauses. 

As she takes the first sip, the warmth of the hot tea, swims down her mouth through the vocal chords to the tummy inside. The world seems to be alive again and she could hear everything around the moment the first mouthful reaches the tummy. The journey down the way for the golden brown sip is like spreading the warmth across the organs making her feel the magic of coming alive. 

It is as if she has bloomed.



Romance and Musings

A Christmas Memory


As she was away from home, away from everything back in her native place. The newfound place was totally unfamiliar. It was a cool winter snowy morning and although she knew she is new to the place, she wants to walk around the place and enjoy what is there hidden too. Her eyes always strayed across to find something that is different and cherishes them forever. The building and the snow covered streets were something she has been seeing ever since she arrived in Swiss. It was only a first-time fascination about the new place.

The coldness crept onto her body. It was like every part of her was going numb. The coldness crawled into her, slowly moving up to her lips and making it dry, then she felt nothing. Her snow kissed lips and hands were loosing the sign of warmthness. She realized it too soon and wore her gloves, and it was all like she was in some other hot hands. The coldness slowly slid out of her sleeves, giving her tiny hands the warmth. The warmth she was longing for.

As she walked little further away from her apartment with her kid in hand. She reached some busy streets. All red, green, shiny decorations on the walls. It was then she realized it was “Christmas”. She bends down to tell her daughter “its Christmas dear”.

They both walked down the walkways watching many purchase items for their Christmas, the streets were filled with small wooden huts, well decorated with bells, tinsels, string lights, ribbons, wreaths etc. The smell of fresh baked bread was filling in the cold air. The snow has never stopped them, they all were busy purchasing and wishing each other.

Everybody Smiled at her, even though none knew her. It was a happy place, there was friendliness in the air. Age or illness never stopped them from being outside their homes. She enjoyed the friendliness and the aura of the place.

“Mamma see a giant Christmas tree “, pointed her daughter. As they both stood watching the giant Xmas tree, she could recollect joy of celebrating Christmas in her old times.

It was entirely different as compared to this. There were Santas, angels singing Carols, sweets, balloons and Churches all decked up and streets packed with people. The Plum cakes which she used to get at homes and much more.

Every place celebrates the joy of Christmas in a different way. She enjoyed the day in the snow land and happily cherished the memory of a hi-fi Xmas and brought her family a good cake to cut in and have. The beauty was indeed something more to Cherish in.

In loving memory of a long Lost Christmas in Snow.