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Chase me

Image result for lips ready to be pecked

Warm me up

cuddle with me

cozying me up for the winter

winter is tinkling my toe

tickling me all over 

feeling colder as I move away from you

clinch me as the breeze plays hide and seek with me

I love sheltering under your arms

pressed under your strong arms

feeling your breath on my neck

thirsty lips waiting to be pecked

my eyes locked on yours

as I enjoy the restless look in you

waiting to hunt me down.



Crawling out of my hiding place

I was a timid one

hiding away from the world

living in my cocoon

shadowed forever 

until when you came into me

unzipping each layer of my cocoon

taking me in your arms

away from the hell to heaven

letting me crawl  out from my hiding place

unbuttoning the soul and exploring me like never before

your eyes contain the love for me

that drove me crazier than ever

I embraced the truth 

that falling in love with you was never a sin.


Take me..like poison

I am dark

dark like the thick forests

you may find me weird

you may find me wild

yet I dance to my own tune

forgetting the past

living in the moment

I give myself to the world as one piece

even when am thousands of unfinished pieces

I have love and compassion

that you will find in every point you touch

I accumulate in you like milk into the black tea

I can never be separated from your soul

drink me like poison

as I blend with you bloodstreams 

let me fill you like a wildfire

flaming you up like never before.


Being yours …


A second without you is impossible

Nevertheless, I know you are never near me

there isn’t a time that your presence is not felt

even in dreams and outside 

my soul is dancing with you around

 the time I am away from your arms

it is the craving time 

like a kid craves for chocolate

I crave for you

I want to melt with you

the smoke that flame around

I want to be the smell

to linger around you

it was the distance that brought us together

it will be the distance that is afraid to take up

a step away from you is near death for me

take me in your arms

and let me forget the world around me

let me be the one, rather than the dream

I want the day when I just don’t have  to run away

bidding goodnight 

and welcome the morning rays snuggling next to you.


Dying to breathe


crawling in with you

under the blankets

feeling the warmth

felt like coming alive

you kiss was like the oxygen i ever needed

the moment our lips touched i felt like i was breathing

was it the moment of my life

feeling lively again

was like a dream

as soon as your warmth left my side

i was like a lifeless soul

lingering around the memories of the meet

it was impossible to be alive again

i lay there all alone

waiting for the touch again…