Romance and Musings

Unshy under the sun…

adult affection bed closeness
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I want to witness your glazing skin..

as I open up my eyes…

laying beside you ..

amidst the luscious greenery

with the sun shining bright on our skin

burning our skin.

yet, we just lay underneath the shady trees..

which was clothing us and let us not shy away from the sun…

the heat outside was far less beyond

the heat we emitted from our skin stroking each other…

the love, i yearned every moment…

was in your arms..

that brought me all alive..

like all my dead cells were growing up..

i lay on those dew drops like sweat….

aromatized by your fragrance upon me..

which was stimulating my senses..

beyond my control…

engaging my fingers in grazing on your bosom hairs..

pecked by your lips..

when you whisper to me for more..






adult affection bed closeness

Romance and Musings

I weave words to recite a poem for you

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As my eyes skim through the crowd

I found my home in yours..

you are the feeling,

I wanna feel all over me…

With you, I come alive

I feel the touch of the skin..

brushing every inch of my skin..

you set me on fire..

and shower me upon with your love

Like the clouds hovering upon the lakes..

you waver on my skin..

delving into the abysses unknown ..

I flood my ears with music…

engulfing all my thoughts into words..

to recite a poem for you…






Romance and Musings

In my eyes…

woman s face
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You see the reflection of you in my eyes;

I held it closer than ever before;

scared to even drop a tear;

as I do not know;

you might flow away in it;

the tears stirred in my eyes like a tornado;

awaiting to be released;

I held it so tightly enclosed ;

as I was terrified to lose you…

I took you as my dream in eyes;

which I shall contain until my last breath…


woman s face

Romance and Musings

Like Storming waves…

frozen wave against sunlight
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You pause,

a while as you delve in me;

a pause, that stricken my mind..

a breath that falls on me..

tickling away my pains..

my inhibitions..

as you engulf my thoughts and set me free..

disrobed, I feel the warmth of every inch colliding in my curves..

like the music echoing in my ears..

I could hear your breathing ..

and your mind wandering where to begin…

as in your eyes, i am edible whole..

and you gush in me like a storming wave..

flooding me all over….

from the heart and my bones…




Romance and Musings

Deep Rooted

man under body of water
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en route into my soul

you will be amazed at my scars

yet, if you accept me as I am

I will be the humbled soul

you ever loved..

embark into my soul..

and grow until you are deep-rooted in me..

here I welcome you into the madness,

I bestow only to the ones,

who know me to the core..

in deep down.

into the dungeons where dampness creeps in..

you will see the shadows of my crime..

yet, if I let you in,

it is because you are deeper than you think in me..

even then, I let your wings linger…

as you are not caged in me…