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Like a gush of water….

woman about to kiss the man at the forest
Photo by Vitor Lima on Pexels.com



Skip a beat,

is your smile

uncontrolled emotions trigger in me

like a gush of water …

wetting me all over again,

like being drenched in the shower.

the wait ,

I could do forever till my last breath…

is for you,

to be conjoined in you

like one soul …

a joy unknown to me

cumulatively surmounts in me …

and I am lost like ever.


Walking down in my cold feet


My hands were shivering

the whole idea about walking down to face everyone was killing

yet there was no escape

my tummy rumbled

I kept my eyes shut

wished to be deaf and blind

so that none could be seen or heard

for a split second, the whole world around me stood still

I could hear no words

I could hear nothing

All was just blank for few seconds

there they came to take me away from my home

I walked down all decked up

I felt all the eyes looking up to me

the heart rate was faster than I could count the beats

I felt I might just break the hand chain and run away

but it was near impossible

I gathered up all my courage and looked up

there I see all my family

yes!! It is my wedding

the day I should be happier and smiling

yet am in dismay

I decided to smile for my family

the ones who decided to let me off to another family

As I slowly ascended the steps where my groom was waiting

I gathered all my courage to lean forward to take the huge step

The marriage- A big step

I accepted the change and smiled to the whole crowd right in front of me

soliciting everyone around me that “AM A HAPPY BRIDE”.

The string that bound them


The clouds were clearing, the sky became clear, everything around her seemed to be shining with the touch of sunlight. The dew drops everywhere seemed like diamonds reflecting the light into the world around her. The shining world, brought in a new path for her to move on. The world around was cleansed with the downpour. She felt the smoke and the dust in her path was cleared and everything seemed to be easily visible.

The ambiguity in her path was now gone forever. The world seemed to be happier and beautiful to her. She trusted the hands that took her, leading her path towards the bright world, where there was no sorrow, there were no doubts, there were no worries. She blindly followed the footsteps. Her trust in God was at its highest, she believed everything was for good.

The path led her to the new horizon, where she wanted to live happily with her family. The world she built up in the quest to attain the freedom of living was awaiting her. She grabbed the invisible hands and walked down the path, struggling through the thorns that were laid for her. She never lost her hope, she trusted her soul and walked towards her destiny leaving everything behind her.

The world seemed to be inviting, and there she was not walking alone to her dreams, she had all she wished for, the love, the care and everything in those hands that lead her. The security she was assured was beyond words. She blinded her vision to follow unquestioningly and undoubtedly.

She bends her neck, and he ties the knot, the knot forever, the bond forever, the love in the string that was now a part of her heart and soul. A string was enough to bond them forever into the art of marriage. The promise of being together in anything and everything in pain and happiness. To share the joy of being together, unifying into one soul.