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Once upon a time – First time to Basel

It was the time, when we (only three of us then), we were moving to Switzerland( Basel) in 2010. yea, 10 years later, I got the time to write I can say.

My lil one was hardly 6 months, done with her annaprashana in Guruvayur then, was all set to travel. Everything was quick I can say. I was always mentally prepared for anything even before anyone else was(my hubby takes time for it) and for my lil one didn’t know another world apart from her mom’s arm.

I did a couple of shopping, as I was lil stout then, the post-pregnancy weight gain was huge, as I was always a lazy one. I brought a couple of thermals, winter wear, jeans and everything that is needed for the winter and yes a couple of warm clothes too.

Our flight was in the night and as usual, my hubby was busy in his office ( all the IT guys has to work around, even the day they travel). I was running errands dealing the packers and movers and doing the final bit of packing. Once the packers and movers left, I shifted my focus to getting ready. We ll freshened up and got ready.

Then bidding goodbye to Bangalore. Moving and shifting was never a panicking thing for me. I was pretty cool always and yes I love to travel. I got my baby dressed up well enough to handle the chill weather even in a plane.

Our flight was lil boring and quite long. We had to travel Bangalore >> Mumbai>> Istanbul>>Then Basel.

So the transit time was short and crisp, any delay we had to run. And the greatest mistake I did was not having a baby stroller, which made my hands ache all along.

Since travelling distance was new to the baby as well, I had trouble handling her. She was lil cranky all the way and from Istanbul to Basel, since it was a small plane, i felt congested actually. The journey from Mumbai to Istanbul was pretty good though.

Since it was my hubby’s first-time travel to International locations, he was lil confused. Thanks to my knowledge of travelling, since I was brought up in the Gulf. We managed it all along.

The moment we reached Basel, the airport looked deserted, and our luggage was lost in transit. Since the flight was lil smaller, the luggage was kept there in Istanbul and only a few things were sent. We just got one bag of ours and gave our addresses to the airport authorities to dispatch them to us.

Then we came out. Since I was so exhausted feeding my kid all along and then all the hassles with the luggage, the moment i stepped out onto to the outside, all i could think was a sweet cozy bed as my arms were aching.
It was snowing then slowly in Basel. It was the first snow in that year, and there I stood like amassed by emotions flooding in me. I just held my daughter closer to myself and then told her, it is snowing baby.
And then just looked at her.. And yes, it cleared my thoughts.

Thanks to the wonderful family, who gave us, the food and space to share, on the very first day. Will never forget the taste of the food they served us. Getting someone to take care in a foreign country without even being so close to us is something amazing.

Romance and Musings

My wait was worth when you arrived


Memories I​ lived in
vanished away
The ones I craved to live again
abandoned my thoughts
Fresh memories were painted
with you in there filling all the colours​
life changed unexpectedly
my priorities changed
my goals changed
ur magic was crawling into me
everywhere it was just you
nothing else made me smile
more than your thoughts and presence
my soul was awakening with you
my past laid back
letting me walk away from the burdens of it
you filled my heart with the freshness
the fragrance of the flowerbed you arrange for me
welcoming you into my life was the best I did ever
I watched surprisingly how my life changed after you held my hands
the changed me was the one I ever dreamt of in life
the wish to fall in love madly forgetting everything
came true the moment I gave my heart away to you
You taught me the value of being honest in a relation
you revived my soul from downfall​ and let it live uncaged
What I have with you, I never wanted with anyone else
I couldn’t walk away​ from you, as you were the real one I waited for
I know my wait was worth when you stumbled into my life
with a reason to fall in love and to be loved.