Romance and Musings

Weary thoughts

The moments are swiftly moving away from my hands

I do not know, whether I should hold it or let it go

it is impossible to decide what is the best

I close my eyes, to let it decide on its own

letting everything go away from me

I stood to witness everything, but never uttered a word

was it wise or a choice, I never reweighed

but a hope remained even as I let everything go

the hope that everything will return to me

the hope that lets me survive the battling of my heart

emotions weight upon my soul

burdening me every single second I craved for silence

I know the storms are going tend, but when?

I just have to let go the thoughts, 

let the clouds darken my life

As one day I might breakaway all the barriers

to be what I want to be 

to live as I ever wanted to.