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The days I want to re-live

back view photo of a woman in black sleeveless top carrying a toddler
Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

Recently, I had a reminiscence moment when I visited my neighbor.

To remind you, I am mostly quite reluctant to take other babies. Call it my worry that I might lead the baby to cry or maybe because I overthink a lot about not handling the baby ( in spite of being a mother twice). I recall having this problem from the very beginning and it did subside a little when I actually held my cousin’s little baby back when I was in 9th standard.

Basically, in short, I was reluctant to take any baby. Most often I have avoided. People might look at me strangely, but oh,, I have never been bothered about it.

When I held my neighbor’s child, in my arms. I was not actually looking at her- but all I was wandering through those momentous time , when I first held my daughters in my arms. It went in my head like a quick recap.

First 9 years back, the moment I held my first one, and when she grows up suddenly, then finally my little one in my arms. To the yawning baby in my arms, all  I could reciprocate was a smile, which was the aftereffect of the fondest memory drive I had.

It was fun, even if it was short-lived.

Even though I had been through those moments, I just felt like re-living them again. To witness, they sleep, eat, grow, smile everything… I just don’t want to miss it for anything in the whole world.

Growing old seemed like a swift journey with kids around. Until then, everything seemed to be slow, but with them along, time began to slip away from my hands.

All I get is these moments to hold on for a lifetime as a mom. Perfect or not, All I want is them – my daughters my heaven.


Soul Recitals




I see who I am through your eyes

Your diaphaneity and warmth

soothes every pain I endure

a tranquility beckons me like a dew on the leaf

you made my life so wonderful

I just wish

you take me along all the way in your life

do not abandon me 

as I live as I child in me with you

you bring out my dreams and fears

but you let me be vulnerable as I am

as you look at me, I discover who I am in your eyes

through you, I see myself.

walking in the rain ….


drenched in rain

she walked on the path

trees shivering in the rain

showering the drops on to her

every drop falls on her like the kiss of rain

she walked dripping like a cloud

smile beautifying her face

she walked into her home

her barefoot leaving footprints on the floor

giggling all the way to her room

where she was wrapped in love with the warmth of the towel

in her moms hands .