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Attention grabber

She looks into my eyes as if she has thousands of words rumbling in her head. Even while conversing with others, my inner eyes and conscience are focused on her. I smile inside as I see her struggling to grab my attention with her naughty little tantrums.  She tries all her way out to let me look at her and cuddle her. Yet I was testing her patience to the core. I couldn’t stop giggling. Her eyes and the tiny little nose always attracted me, I felt like biting them. Still, I held my heart waiting patiently.

Finally, she was out of her patience, She grabbed my face forcibly focusing my whole attention on her sweet face. She looked at me….and observed I was still talking to my friend. She with her tiny little fingers closed my lips, which I felt like the rose petals caressing my lips. Her tender hands were the softest like the dew drops. I looked at her, smiling and then cuddled her so hard tickling her when she burst out in laughs. 

I knew she wanted my attention as she returned from school. It was hard for her to let go my sight from her. Adoring the moments with her, I walked her in my arms holding her tight, as if I never wanted her to grow up. I wish I could hold the time there and be with her for a while until my life is washed away. the thought of being away from her engulfs a fear in my heart, that is what makes me crave for more.