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“Makeshift” your aspirations

I remember the time when I started my career in Testing , everything was good and fine. I felt I enjoyed it too and of course learning a lot was an integral part of it, but again I felt I was lacking something. Again another year went by, I had more responsibilities on my personal front as well as official. Yet ! the void in work continued. The joy was dead on the job other than few good friends nothing just motivated me to go to work.

Finally, I did leave and was lost in Parenthood. A new way of life changed all the perspective. The thought of leaving for a job ,without seeing my kid for hours was indeed painful so, instead of taking up the pain, I just thought stopped the thought of getting back to work.

A new world of writing came lingering into my thoughts then. I tried blogging but was not a professional yet. Yet there was fun, relaxation, happiness and more over a satisfaction that ran across me.

Again with the second one, parenting was more fun, an extreme weary task , yet their smiles just brought smiles on my face. So it was for sure that I never wanted to leave them and go away anywhere at any point. It was my true selfishness to be their mom and be with them that kept me away from anything I did.

Finally with the random motivational hint that came from the thought of making a career was bothering me and almost made survival a question , to my luck instead of asking I was given a job.


I was sure – that was the turning point in my whole set of thought. I never knew I would be so happy to work in this way in the comfort of my home, watching my kids grow up right in front my eyes( Indeed need more eyes, to focus on work as well as kids).

And I was happy to make a change to my life goals. I am proud of what I did because I realized “I AM HAPPY , And CONTENT” . So finally all the troubles and weary thoughts were never gone wasted.
Everyone’s life has a path, and whatever happens, you end up doing what you are supposed to do in life. No matter what happens.

Patience pays



She waits all along for her dad to reach home ,and immediately he is in , she asks him, “where is chocolate ?” ,her dad as usual surprised looks at me , throwing a question at me through his looks ” why is she asking me , aren’t there chocolates here ? ” . And I smile at him , handing him a chocolate from the cupboard and give him a hint t give her ,as if he bought it.

I appreciate her patience to wait for it, even it is a simple chocolate , i know it means to her . Its sometimes good to develop such characteristics in them. But honestly its not just my effort as a parent even her teacher helped a lot. 

It was difficult earlier to make her wait patiently for anything, she used to cry , shout , and try all her best tantrums on us , to get things done ,and parents like me, fall for all those tantrums, there is no escape.I didn’t know that requesting her to wait , will work out , but one fine day , to my surprise, she did behave as I  asked her to. 

Even though I know that shouting at kids , or being strict doesn’t gain us any love and respect , my immature motherhood ,does it some times and I regret doing so . Nowadays am in control not to do such immature acts and show her what exactly maturity is through my love and respect and lots of patience.

Patience pays well , and it always pays the best. 


Being mommy



I was looking through old photographs of my lovely little daughter after her arrival in our life. 

The moment she was born, I was so excited to see her, I forgot all the pain and tension and the world around me. It was only her , seeing her well lit face , brought sunshine into my life. I touched her hands and legs tenderly ,so soft and smooth. Her eyes all closed as she was sleeping in my arms, I wanted her beside me in my arms forever.

Whenever I hear her sounds, I was excited. When she cries, I sit wondering how to calm her cry because I never knew what to do , and of course my mom came for rescue in such situations. I was learning being a mother, how to do , what to do and when to do.

Its true that whenever a child is born a mother is born too, and mothers are learning in every stage how to be a better mom. All mothers love unconditionally their kids , and I realize how much I love her whenever I look into her eyes , I can see the happiness , the protectiveness , the  love , the care  , the feel  and when I hold her closely to my heart. 

First few weeks were totally a mess in my life, never knew where to start , and what to do, and by following the expert advises from  my mom and grand mom , I could succeed to little bit.

The sleepless nights ,the wetting beds , all those troubles transforms into loving memories , when our kids grow up and it becomes the best stories in life which we lived through. All mothers feel so proud to tell about their kids, how they are are , what they are . For every Mother , their kid will be the naughtiest and the sweetest and cutest. 

Love to all  mothers . Motherhood is a true blessing.


Motherhood – a true blessing


If I wanted to say about something that changed my life , the first things that comes to my mind is ‘motherhood’ .

Being a mother changes everything in a woman’s life. Thats when a girl starts to think about   loving, the true form of love. When she conceives a baby in her womb , she feels protective towards it. She doesn’t want anything to harm the life growing inside her. 

When she feels the fluttering of the baby moving around  inside her womb , she understands that she is not alone experiencing what she feels, the life inside her also feels the same emotions.Its so wonderful to feel a life inside and only a woman is blessed with it.

The whole 10 months journey is  like a long wait,struggling through many experiences just to see a new born life. But after the birth of the baby , we realize that , all those troubles we were going through was just nothing , it was like a preschool , preparing ourselves for a big job.

Earlier I used to loose my patience , i was short tempered , but now many things changed for me. Being a mother we learn a lot .Its a life of lessons .I can see why I was struggling a lot, I couldn’t eat anything properly, I couldn’t sleep , but it was all for my lil darling , just to make me more lovable to her.

I am proud to be a mother, at least I learned how to forgive and love  more. The joy of being  mother is a most deepest and the selfless love .