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Where our heart beats echoed in our ears

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(image Courtesy : Corcell)

You awaken the mother as well as the child in me

as I lay cuddling you, letting you spoon into my body

you held your tiny little fingers caressing my cheeks

as if I was the little one,

kissing on my nose, rekindling my emotions

as I lay with my eyes open, watching you drift slowly into sleep

holding my hands closer to your tiny heart..that beats heavenly in my ears

I re-live the moment you were in my womb

where you and I had the single heartbeat echoing in our ears.

Sleeping with my heart outside

A day is complete

when I finally have you in my arms

the nightfall that I love the most

when you nestle in my arms

when the dreams embrace you 

the dreams that you let me in

the tiny fingers that hold onto my dress

holding me close to you always

the hands that search me in the middle of the night

poking me in the midst of the night 

to let me know you are with me always

when the warmth I cherish with you miss the space

a tiny little body that cuddles in my space 

enlightening my motherhood journey

you behold my love for eternity

even if you outgrow the space in between my arms

you will be the one I treasure the most

You brought me to this life 

holding me as you walk along your life 

letting me witness the journey of life.

You are my world

I am living a life with you

when it was me and you together as one

I was your window to the world 

when you snipped from me 

you became my world 

the world I want to be around all along

I let you see 

I let you feel through me

every small touch of yours awoke me 

from the deep sleep  when we were one 

the whole world you saw through me 

took you in their arms, as you arrived

I carried you in my heart forever all along

even when you could take little steps away from me

I know you would run back to me and jump into my arms.