Romance and Musings



Depetaling me like 

deflowering the freshly

blossomed ones…

explore me into the mysterious levels…

where even the breeze never toured

I am like the frost in the winter garden

warm me up ..

all I do is to mirror

the repercussions you create in me..

to awaken the true self

and to receive you

like a boomerang …



Romance and Musings

Symphony of love

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Whisper to me in my ears

“you are my world”

The words that echo when our lips meet

Your silence spells a magic in my heart

tearing me apart is the distance between us

I want the nights with you that never ends

the mornings that never dawns

loving you every second, much more than the previous 

reading every letter inscribed on your lips

beckoning every kiss that sweetens my lips

sweating every second in your warmth 

I wanna lay on your lap, unspoken 

as our heart whispers the symphony of love. 


Romance and Musings

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

il_fullxfull_2243127651Today morning all of a sudden I felt like listening  to ” Raat kali ek khwab mein aayi ..” , I always loved Kishore Kumar ‘s songs. I remember during my good old college days , myself and my best friend used to go around singing those songs . We both had the same interests , she used to collect those songs for me , and I always treasure it.

The lyrics of old Hindi songs are just superb. Where words doesn’t come out , music helps , tats true.Sometimes when I find it difficult to get words in to my mind.. these songs helps me.Whenever I hear a song , it always has a connection to my life . It reminds me of places , people, incidents and many more.

Music always helped me to study , it helps me to concentrate . I love to dance to  lovely songs . And now I see my lovely lil daughter dancing to music.Its so lovely to see her dance to music and taking a bow after her dance.Music has no ages , anybody who can hear it , just enjoys.