Romance and Musings



Her little naughty eyes were closed

she walked holding something in her hand

All I could do was smile, at her innocense

holding the mobile in her hands, she walked past me

all she thought was that closing her eyes would hide all her naughtiness

little did she knew that it was just she, who was blindfold

all other’s eyes were open

she smiled as she walked by

We too smiled and instead of scolding her

in playing with the mobile, all we did was laugh out loudly

her chastity hid all her mistakes and gifted a smile on our grumpy faces

It was quite surprising at how she could melt our stubborn hearts

in just a smile

a smile that is worth beyond millions

All I wished was that she stayed as such with lots of impeccability and blessings.

Romance and Musings

As I walked along ….you followed


As I walked past the roads

I could not see anything else other than you

I closed my eyes when I thought I realized

how much I missed you

everything on my way was just a reflection of you

As I closed my eyes,

even in the darkness of my eyelids

I could see your smiling face

It was as if you were imprinted on me

your smile

your naughtiness

you eyes

everything crystal clear

like a mirror image

I felt I was near you

and extended my hand to touch

yet as I spread out my hands.

I couldn’t touch you

you disappeared like ripples in the water

yet again, you appeared with a smile

inducing a smile on my face

I felt you were moving along with me

like a shadow …that never leaves me

I could feel your presence yet not touch you

I could feel your warmth, yet not be in your arms

I knew you were virtually with me always

as if you were with me holding the umbrella 

and we walked together soaked in the ravishing rain

the strong feel of love was indeed the pulse for me.