Shells on the shore…

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Like the shell 

snatched away from the shore

I was washed away in your love

as you cleansed my shells

you send me back to the shore

to be the shell adorned on your neck

carrying the echo of your voice enclosed in my walls

I lived with you in my heart.


Adam’s Ale


She was the power 

She was the smile 

she was the reason that led him to his destiny

She could be the magic in him

She could be the life in him

She lived and nurtured

She was the force that let the life move on

She swept away the life 

She flew down like a stream

She was the life giver and the life saver

She was the droplet that adorned the leaves

She the morning mist 

She was the one who distinguished the life

She is the quench to thirst

she is the one that pours down

she is the one that flows down

She is the river that contains the life so beautiful

She is the waves that the kids play with

she is the sea that kisses the land.