The Neglected One


Her happiness never knew how to be celebrated;

her sorrows never knew, what it meant to outburst;

all she did was compress everything within her,

her dreams never went beyond her thoughts,

her pain never touched anyone’s heart;

she was like the untouched, neglected one ;

her agony, perished her into a deep depression,

curbing her from everything that kept her happy,

the moment she felt she could move on;

the roots of her despondency just pricked her too hard,

hard enough to bleed her within;

her eyes were always filled, just enough to contain;

the difficulty to let her tears overflow her fake smile,

was indeed the hardest she could.

In spite of all these, she moved ahead,

burying her agony, and masked herself into a smile,

that could deceive the world.



To a piece unknown in me

Why it pains…

when i never took it deeply…

all I know is that I am falling apart.

be it here .. or there..

for a moment, i feel like i am nowhere existing…

some undefined pain, crawling into my mind…

eyes drying away as if no tears to roll out;

my soul is on a journey of unquenchable thirst;

unknown to me, and just me;

I strayed away, to an unknown mirage;

which took away my peace and my breath away,

and all it remained was, the defeated soul.






This week we were given pictures and had to write on that basis. I was given this:

And it brought me thoughts on my own gems – my daughters.

I remained…

adult alone anxious black and white
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“let us break away”

it was his last words…

unknown to him was that,

he had already broken me into pieces,

the moment he deiced to disconnect with me…

words became numb to my ears,

the world seemed to blink away from my eyes..

but you remained…

until you walked away

fading into space

that never brought you back..

And I remained there…

knowing you might never return to me…

like the shore awaiting the waves…

I stayed like a barren land…

for the drops to quench the thirst.




enough of enough….

Am scared to open up

am I letting myself out

The more I am close to one

the more they wander away

wherein am unable to stop them

I shackle myself in the lifeĀ 

wherein asking them to stop by for me is inevitable

I let myself cry silently

the pain is inseparable from me

I live with the painĀ 

burying it deep down

until death takes me away.