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teaching life

AS of now only thing that  is scaring me, my out of patience behaviour.

There are many things we need to keep a check in our behaviour towards kids as well as others around us. The main chapter of parenting is that, we cannot teach our kids to be like someone ,which we ourself cannot depict to them.

We always end up showing them the most vulnerable part of ours. Its easy for our kids to learn from what we show other than, through our long lectures , to them . We are letting them learn , about being the real human, but at times we want them to be the entire opposite to how we react . 

I show them my angry side, loving side, playful side, powerful style and many more. which comes out of me uncontrollably. I am showing them , thats life. Sometimes when am dealing with some impossible persons , whom I seriously don’t want to talk ever , or being a part of anything, which am not at all interested , I am show them , am just happy, and not my uncomfortable part. 

Being human is very difficult, we have to deal with many people and things ,and sometimes, we are forced to be what we are not, just to be accepted and considered. I do not want to be like that, but , when we count on others happiness , we just do it. Sometimes these sacrifices are always worthy and teach us many lessons. 

Life is a test , for which we do not have any preparations, and people whom we are dealing with are questions, which by reading  innumerable times also , we cannot understand. 

Hope my kids learn in quite well ,from this vulnerable mom. 

job or parenting ????


A common dilemma  in a woman’s  life , is choosing between something she wants to do and something she likes to do.

A job, is something she wants to do , to become independent and earn on her own than asking anyone else . But even being a full-time mom also she wants ,because she does it out of unconditional love. Being mom , was something I chose to , for my lovely daughters , because  I want to be with them in every step of their life, every move they make, I want to be a silent contributor, I treasure these as the most beautiful memories and moments in my life.

I know how much other moms miss , when they go for jobs, and some don’t , it’s up to every individual how they can manage everything. I opted for being a full-time mom, as I cannot manage a job as well as my family , may be am not perfect enough for the same, but I love being mom than being an employee…because job never gives me a satisfaction of being a mom. 

For every woman , there is a point of time ,when they have to sacrifice few things, but am sure its just a wise decision , for me I didn’t want to miss my kids presence , I feel so empty when am without them.  I advised many mommies , depending on how their kids react to their absence , if the kids need their mommies , then am pretty sure , they should be  with them. 

You can get a job anytime , but kids , they grow , and by the time you are out of job, you feel , you have missed many things . And of course  being mommy is a full-time job , giving us the best satisfaction ever in our life.

Confused parenting!!!

Yea sometimes am totally confused as all other parents .

I get confused about love , care ,anger , games , and many more when am with my kids, and then suddenly everything goes well, when am looking at my daughters cute faces and start doing whatever they want me to play with them.

When am cuddling my younger one, i feel am not giving enough attention to my elder lil gal…she is also too lil to be cuddled, then i lay the younger one and take my lovely angel, but doing so ….again I get hurt..am not sure if every other parent feels the same but may be yes. Sometimes I am soo careless i feel ,confused about loving my daughters. I don’t want to give either one less only more and more as much as i could.

Its true in every parents case, don’t know what to do in such cases . One of my friends as well as my mom advised me that , to a certain extent we need to pay more attention to our elder ones , because they are more aware of your less awareness and less attention .Gradually they will understand what is going on around them and will play along with us and we will be quite surprised to see how they will  adjust and tag along with us in our activities taking care of the younger one.

It really takes lots of patience and love and only love !!!!

Tantrum handling


Its one of the most important thing in parenting , considering how to make kids listen to us .

Most of the time , they get irritated and fail to listen what exactly we want them to do or rather , we stop listening to what exactly they want us to give them.In such cases , its all a waste of energy to compel them to listen to us. 

Some try punishments like time out , or tell them if they behave badly , they will get bad punishment and many more. Punishments must be different for different kids , depending on their basic nature. All have a different aspect of looking into a particular matter , as how the adults differ in it , the same way kids also differ in it. Some kids need to learn through little bit of harshness or some others a simple way .

But to built a better person tomorrow , we need to be conscious about what we choose for them.When ever they do something good enough , reward them, so that they feel like doing more and more of such good deeds , but of-course we need to be cautious of what we are rewarding them with. Make them appreciate even the little things in life , so that later on they learn the value of what they have.

Even though am not an expert parent , am also learning how to control her tantrums , sometimes its difficult to handle and sometimes like miracles or magic, my daughter tend to listen to me and keep calm, as she knows that for patience she get rewarded with her favorite lollipops . 🙂 I love to see her happy and I always wanted her to listen to me , and not make a fuss  , and I always tried to keep up my promise on rewarding her. 

Parenting takes a lot of skill and patience and is constant work and growth. 

Everyday a new lesson


Its quite challenging to be a parent ,we need to be a teacher, a friend,a scientist, a researcher and all together a mother. 

They need a change always . Earlier my lovely daughter used to sleep and nowadays  she doesn’t . Things change , she needs something more to do in the day, either go out for shopping ,or parks or need to see her friends.

I try hours and hours to make her sleep ,as she becomes tired and of course I need some time to myself, which seems to real impossible thing in the near future. I am anyways finding out something new to play or to do , and even to eat , so that she finds some variety.

I waited for summer to arrive and last week seemed to be quite good enough promising better coming weeks, but it turned to out to be the opposite , its rainy and that means remaining indoors is the best else chances of falling sick.

As a mom what all things I have to keep checking , I never thought I will ever have to do check the weather just to get out of the house, as I never used to be worried of the same.Now I keep searching for ideas to keep her engaged else she will eat my brain and I hate to be out of patience with her.

Seriously Learning never ends, am learning a lot about parenting . Again many more …..to go.