Romance and Musings

Debt of love


Wrinkles on her face was the

lines that came through her tough times

the weary eyes were the ones that had seen thousands of dreams become true and shattered

the strong hands that could still hold the walking stick had helped many to walk around

the silver hair is the once which came along as the wisdom grew with age

the weary legs had walked miles to fulfill many dreams

yet the eyes now has a long wait

a long pause that is undefined

the heat yearning for attentions

the hands eagerly waiting to hold a hand to walk

the lips waiting to open up and speak

the eyes are always focussed on the roads that led to the window

the old eyes sat there waiting for the sunshine to appear

the sunshine she waited for years to come ever since she came there

the love and the warmth she is longing for

the care the old ones gave when their children were young

it was the time to let them repay their debt

the debt of love

the debt that no money can repay ever

the old hands were abandoned, yet they never cursed the young ones

their blessings showered all along

yet the young ones never realized the power of their love

the lost love, that never came to existence for them.

Romance and Musings

The little girl wept silently…yet none noticed


The little girl sat at her desk

silently browsing through the pages of the book in front of her

even though her mind was not even letting her read

she just gazed at the book

Her mind was with the sounds of the kids playing outside

she cursed her self-being locked up in the room for hours and hours of studying

she felt exhausted, but her parents never bothered to even ask her

They stressed her from point to point

on each and everything

they wanted a perfect one, not a good one

she felt she was tortured,

she felt being snatched

she felt being lonely

the sadness on her face was neglected

to make her perfect, her parents quarrelled and competed

little did they realise that they are hurting her from inside

she wept inside

her silence was taken as being dumb and useless

little did her parents knew she was causing invisible scars on her soul

the little girl wept from inside, hoping that one day they would realise

what these scars have turned her into….

All she wanted little play and little time to enjoy

All she requested silently was that

She revolted, but none noticed

the little heart bled.

Romance and Musings

The wait for the life to bloom


Amidst nature, on the lonely bench, among the crowd, she sat

gazing at the amazing nature, wondering how God created everything so beautiful around her

She sat recollecting her fond memories, her memories that created a new her

a new life

a new perspective

a new vision

as she closed her eyes, enjoying her most lovable moments

she recollected the warmth of his arms and the love in his eyes

In the most memorable moments in their life

he asked her ” I want to have a life with you, I want a life out of you that is created with all our love”

All she could do was smile and say “yes” to him

And as she opened her eyes, there he was caressing her womb, the life that was growing inside her

the love creation, the love that bonded them forever

she sat near him, resting her head on his shoulders, and he caressed her hair and arms

giving her the comfort and strength she needed

the joy of becoming parents from life partners was an amazing joy.

Every moment, their love doubled, the way he looked at her changed

There was love in his eyes and respect

She could fall in love with him again and again

The joy of welcoming their pulse of life was at its highest

The wait for the moment to being parents was the amazing moments of life.

Her womb protected the life and his hands gave the warmth needed.

Together they waited for the flower of life to bloom.

Romance and Musings

Bonding with her grandparents


My lil one , enjoyed her time with her grandparents , and I enjoyed looking at it and recollecting my golden days as a kid.

I have noticed the changes in my cutie pie , after the arrival of her grandparents , earlier she used to call me for anything she required , now that has a second name added to her list  , her grandma . Now she knows , that the things for which she gets rejection from me , she directs it to her grandma, and immediately she is given whatever she required. 

During our childhood too we all had such experiences too , pampered by our grandparents . I don’t know what exact emotions goes in their mind, but for sure tats only love and care. There is nothing that is beyond experience , and they have loads in their life. 

Like how I used to hear stories from my grandma, I saw my lovely lil daughter , sitting and listening to the stories from her grandma. But in the end, I heard her reciting stories to her grandma too , in the same  style with all the actions and drams.They played together, draw together , even she didn’t want to me all the time ( even though it made me jealous).

Grandparents play a role model for the kids . They are like an extra parent for the kid in all the ways , even better than the parents in every way.They give the kids the sense of family and bonding.

Romance and Musings

Everyday a new lesson


Its quite challenging to be a parent ,we need to be a teacher, a friend,a scientist, a researcher and all together a mother. 

They need a change always . Earlier my lovely daughter used to sleep and nowadays  she doesn’t . Things change , she needs something more to do in the day, either go out for shopping ,or parks or need to see her friends.

I try hours and hours to make her sleep ,as she becomes tired and of course I need some time to myself, which seems to real impossible thing in the near future. I am anyways finding out something new to play or to do , and even to eat , so that she finds some variety.

I waited for summer to arrive and last week seemed to be quite good enough promising better coming weeks, but it turned to out to be the opposite , its rainy and that means remaining indoors is the best else chances of falling sick.

As a mom what all things I have to keep checking , I never thought I will ever have to do check the weather just to get out of the house, as I never used to be worried of the same.Now I keep searching for ideas to keep her engaged else she will eat my brain and I hate to be out of patience with her.

Seriously Learning never ends, am learning a lot about parenting . Again many more … go.