As my soul recites to you

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Unhidden concupiscence

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Worlds drifting us away

when our souls are magnetised

repelling from each other seems impossible

even when away from me..

all I could feel the brushing of your hair.

underneath my sheath…

tantalizing my darkest urges ..

every drop of sweat trickling down

into my darkest corners..

urging the unsettling emotions

that bursts the

to refute.

Imperfectly Pure Sin

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Be the imperfectly perfect sin 

I entreat the most

If I am the sin for you

love me more like you sin

be never rigid to hold back

let me let you slip and fall in me

sinning the way, like never before

love me every day, like being alluring

swill me in 

force my attention, upholding my fervour

let the pain of staying away subside as we unite

all I wish is we sin together

dissolving in each other, until death parts our ways



Almost Touch….

Every moment I live

makes me crave for you

I just miss you with every breath I take

I miss you with every blink of my eye

I miss you, with every heartbeat

Life seems impossible without you

Every music reminds me of you

Every minute reminds me the moments I had with you

becoming totally obsessed with you

without you, I feel like am living in darkness

with you, everything seems bright and colorful

you are my everything, I ever desired for

As I close my eyes, I could feel your breath

slipping over my shoulder, igniting every emotion in me

you do something with your words on me

that I can never explain

your almost touch can even bring out the best in me

our passion is the purest in the world. 





A firecracker


I want to be the firecracker

the flare to your passion

I want to hold your hands 

and take you ahead in your dreams

am fierce, but silent like the wind

I add the flare to your fire of passion

the fire to pursue what you like

we burn together 

to bring out the best in ours

like polished diamonds come out bright

let me be the polish to your dreams

bringing out the shining you to the world

like the night sky to the stars

I would black out the world to let you shine.