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Escaping from the dampness of my sorrows


He felt like a wind that soothed my heart

his hands were caressing my hair that was battling in the wind

he held me closer to his arms, wiping my tears

as I said him the bitterness of my life

he held tightly and squeezed me in his arms

I could read his emotions from the way he depicted it

he couldn’t resolve my past

yet he wished I was not drowned in it

he loosened his hands when he felt I was stable

I realised how strong I felt with him near me

his hands held me not letting me fall off

I could feel his love in his hug

he unwrapped my sorrows from the past

dissolving it in the love he had for me

letting me escape from the dampness of the sorrows.

As I walked away from the past to future


As I walked down the lane on the grass

amidst the tall trees that paved me a path to walk away

walk away from everything that I hate

walk away from everything I once adored

walk away from all the deceptions

I walked remotely to an unknown destination

shedding all the burdens I carried

The ones I carried from the past

each affliction had a varied agony

some caused deep scars as they climbed down my shoulders

some evoked the deepest emotions in my heart

some nullified my deepest feelings

exfoliating everything, I walked towards my destiny

the destiny I dreamt of, to be mine once

it was my dream to accomplish y goals

as I walked towards them, I could see my path was covered in thorns

yet conquering my fears and my desperation to win

led me past all the hurdles

approaching the gateway to my flight of fancy

here I was at the entrance to my once shattered dreams

As I pushed open the doors, I could see thousands of flowers blooming

my garden of wishes have come to life

engulfing my heart with tranquility

replenishing my heart with the joy of fulfillment

I walked away from the past to my future.

Leap into your new life


Layers of mist were covering the area around her and all could feel was the warmth of the hand that was holding her. The shadows were swept away, the lights dimmed, the sounds were mere existence. The place was getting darker and colder. All she needed was the warmth of a hug. 

She felt was she was lost, she felt the strange feel of insecurity around her. Her mind was confused and whispering thousands of questions. In the distant she could see, the lights moving, she was sure it was the moving vehicles. 

She could run to it and seek help, but no something was stopping her from doing it. A hand was pulling her closer. She didn’t know what it was, but she was reluctant to look back and see. 

She kept screaming inside every second, the hands were creeping on to her. She could feel the comfort and warmth, but again, she ignored. She wants to call for help, but something was stopping her. 

A thought, or powerful strong hands, or may be the mind – she couldn’t recognize. She felt as if, she is leaving something and moving away.She felt to take a leap and forget all happening to her then. Why should she do that….after all these precious moments in her life…..she didn’t want to go away…but fight for the mere existence. 

It was a question of life and death…either she has to let it go..or be with the stain of it forever and ever. The bruises of the moment will never go away, it will be like a mark in her life. She was lost in her thoughts…and all a sudden she decided to leap in….and let go all those she loved.

The creepy hands can never get on to her…..she jumped and flew like she had never done it ever. It was like she got wings to fly high…she never knew what lies in her path again, but she decided to leave the past and fly into her new found life. 

Happy NewYear– On this beautiful eve of the New year, let me wish everyone a glorious year ahead. Treasure all the good memories and take lessons from the bad ones and lead the way to your new journey. Even if you don’t have resolutions, just flow like a river, in one way or the other you will reach your own destination. 

Happy NewYear once Again !! Have a blessed year Folks!!