Romance and Musings

Memories of my campus

Rain brings the memories alive

the times when I watch the rain pouring from the sky

watching it from the balcony of my class 

overlooking the hundreds of friends walking on the campus

the soaked friends and books arriving in the class

every face is decked up with raindrops

as if fitted with a light to glow their face

the smiles brighten when they are in the warmth of the rooms

the days which brings out the best of my days being with friends

The aroma of the wet sand and drenched nature

enticing me all along 

pulling me closer to the world around me

with an impulse to walk out of the room

feel the rain all over me

as if am cleansed by nature.




Romance and Musings

Inundated with Rain

Pitter patter on the screens

the sound of nature calling me

watching my window panes all covered in droplets

I want to drenched in it like never before

the rain keeps calling me 

I watched it from my horizon

watching it cover everything with a shower

cleansing everything under no shade

I wanted to feel those fresh drops covering me

as if purifying me from top to bottom

listening to the rain I sipped a cup of my tea

watching it walk away into the farther distance

leaving my wish a wish

If I could just walk into it like earlier

play like a child, as I used to be

is my age or something else hindering me from

thoughts conflicted in my mind

yet I walked outside 

to feel the nature all around me

inundated with the rain