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With you, Every Battle seems like Just Another Dawn

Amidst my confusions,

you are the only surety, I have…

the way you caress me,

takes away the pain I surrendered to…

with you, every battle seems like just another dawn…

every failure is yet another dusk…

all you give me is the freedom to breathe..

like there was nothing hindering the flow of air into me…

I just know only one thing, that without you my life is harder…

as you keep my memories alive and never broken…

with you, I feel I have being frozen into the timeline of my life…

that is just meant for the happiness of our souls…

freeze me , into this moment,

when you are just mine and I am yours forever…



Romance and Musings

In the blink of an eye….

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With you,

every blink of an eye is more like a thousand years.

every blink of an eye is a wish with you.

be with me,

as you bring me joy, uncountable with my eyes open..

you take me to an ecstasy ride,

which is strange to me, every day…

the way you delve into me,

the eyes magnetize my lips closer to yours..

at a slow pace, you evade into me and my thoughts

unblemished smile of your soul excites me

when you wait, for my consent to conquer me…

When I already surrendered to you knowingly.

I slowly run my fingers , over you…

finding my treasure to engulf it..

as you trickle down my skin…

even in the darkness, your eyes are brighter than the fireflies

lighting up my soul …

and I smile ..

amidst the rhythm of our souls’ friction against each other

until the fire broke off...








Romance and Musings

The song of the night…

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The wind whispered the song

the song that reminds me of you…

it rings in my ears,,

tickling my tummy..

stimulating the butterflies within me..

i fall like rain..

wet and damp in your thoughts..

immersing every inch of you in me..

uncover every sheath of layer separating us..

even in thoughts, I relish being uncloaked in your arms.

as long as I could snuggle in your arms,

I wanted the smell of your skin,

exhilarating my thoughts,

teasing me to the core.