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A pearl that is born out of our core

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Fragrance of flowers

still lingers on us,

like the petals

containing the dew of the first rain

I saved the drops of our love,

in a wish to gift you a pearl;

a pearl, that contains the

the beauty of our core,

which imprints our love

filling in every vein with us

and Just us.




Romance and Musings

As I caressed my belly …feeling the life inside me

As I looked at myself in the mirror

I felt I was changed

A change, that just brought a smile on my face

I slowly moved my fingers

over the 

belly overgrowing my dress

I caressed with so much love and affection

on my belly like I have never felt it before

the pulse of a life in it brought tickles into my inner soul

the life in me was just a skin distance away from my fingers

the surprise and anticipation that grew in my mind 

was something I could never understand

the wait was too long, yet I loved you ever since you appeared inside me

I waited patiently like never before

just to feel you in my arms

every day, I was fascinated to see your growth

I felt your arms, legs everything grow

I felt your movement with my palms

I could see your action, through the bulge in my tummy

I endeared every move you made inside me 

crunching my organs, yet bringing a smile on me

the wait …was longer, yet I knew I will wait for your arrival.




Romance and Musings

The wait for the life to bloom


Amidst nature, on the lonely bench, among the crowd, she sat

gazing at the amazing nature, wondering how God created everything so beautiful around her

She sat recollecting her fond memories, her memories that created a new her

a new life

a new perspective

a new vision

as she closed her eyes, enjoying her most lovable moments

she recollected the warmth of his arms and the love in his eyes

In the most memorable moments in their life

he asked her ” I want to have a life with you, I want a life out of you that is created with all our love”

All she could do was smile and say “yes” to him

And as she opened her eyes, there he was caressing her womb, the life that was growing inside her

the love creation, the love that bonded them forever

she sat near him, resting her head on his shoulders, and he caressed her hair and arms

giving her the comfort and strength she needed

the joy of becoming parents from life partners was an amazing joy.

Every moment, their love doubled, the way he looked at her changed

There was love in his eyes and respect

She could fall in love with him again and again

The joy of welcoming their pulse of life was at its highest

The wait for the moment to being parents was the amazing moments of life.

Her womb protected the life and his hands gave the warmth needed.

Together they waited for the flower of life to bloom.

Romance and Musings

Journey towards becoming a mom :)


As all married couples we too wished to be parents , and by God’s grace it was right on time. As soon as I left my job and took a vacation home , and was enjoying my holidays with my parents and  my dear hubby , we knew about the new  upcoming guest in our life.

The next few months were very hectic ,all morning sickness,dizziness and many more.I though it will be all like in movies , everyone gets to know a wife is pregnant , after vomiting or fainting ,but then I realized that movies are just a big lie. It was not just once that I had vomiting , it was a long time contract of 9 months 🙂

I was treated like a queen, and that’s again the best time of life .:) During pregnancy , the 4th month, gave me a surprise ,when I could feel my baby. It was a marvelous feeling ,a movement of life inside us. I was so happy and excited ,I kept asking my mom and my husband to keep their hands over me and check the movements , as it was fun to see.

While she was growing inside , my nights became sleepless , but still I was enjoying it. I kept on doing things that stimulated my lil sweetheart inside me to move .I kept talking to my baby , about what was going around, I used to watch cartoons as one of my friend told me , that if I watch happy things the baby will be always happy .: ) I know this is the period of life when we are flooded with advises , but that is all about how they care for us and am thankful for such wonderful hearts around me. 

It was on Feb 3rd , at 10:15 pm , I still remember the moment I saw her in the arms of the nurse.I forgot all the pains I had and just focused on her lovely face,so innocent, so pure .I was relieved that she has safely come to earth ,and I would love her the most.

I know its hard to be a perfect mom , but I promise her that I would do my very best to be a good mom to her. And its just not me alone , but her dad too would love her to the core and make a lovely life for her 🙂