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In the rain, we walked

man hugging woman while holding umbrella
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Strolling hand in hand

under the umbrella

wetting the shoulders,

holding each other’s fingers

as it comes together under the umbrella

with eyes locked at each other,

even in rain,

our bodies generate the power to warm us,

a smile widening on our faces,

inviting lips to write poetry on each other,

even the crowd around us disappeared for seconds ;

where you and I remained, skin on skin;

minds traversing to distance, beyond imagination;

where nothing was distancing us from each other,

our close proximity was a breath away…

burning in the vicinity of our skins,

we could burn down the world

with the infinite passion, we build up…

yet the rain remained to immerse our volcano…

reminding we were still wet like the sand..

ready to germinate..

Romance and Musings


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The darkest monster

shadowed the blue world

showering and wetting everything 

that came beneath it

every raindrop looked like

overwhelmed on reaching the ground

felt like they ran off, as they touched the land

the rest sliding on my windowpane

some stayed there, puzzled and dazed

some collected poodles 

forming a new empire,

that either dried off or just splashed away

this is my life – a raindrop. 

Romance and Musings

Am I afraid of the dark ?



Dark clouds are gathering

Is it frightening me?

No, it is not the darkness that frightens me

For me, darkness is my friend

it knows me and my deepest secrets

it shadows my worst nightmares and my sorrows

as it begins to dawn, the whole light brings a glare in my eyes

overshadowing the real me and others

darkness brings out the real people

the rain wipes out the fakeness and the original self is portrayed in my mind

I stood there sighing in front of the dark clouds

when it started to shower the bliss of rain

quenching the thirst of every living thing on the surface of the earth

there I stood soaked in the gush of water from the clouds

the rain make me fresh and pure

brushing me up like a pure droplet in the first mist.

Romance and Musings

The string that bound them


The clouds were clearing, the sky became clear, everything around her seemed to be shining with the touch of sunlight. The dew drops everywhere seemed like diamonds reflecting the light into the world around her. The shining world, brought in a new path for her to move on. The world around was cleansed with the downpour. She felt the smoke and the dust in her path was cleared and everything seemed to be easily visible.

The ambiguity in her path was now gone forever. The world seemed to be happier and beautiful to her. She trusted the hands that took her, leading her path towards the bright world, where there was no sorrow, there were no doubts, there were no worries. She blindly followed the footsteps. Her trust in God was at its highest, she believed everything was for good.

The path led her to the new horizon, where she wanted to live happily with her family. The world she built up in the quest to attain the freedom of living was awaiting her. She grabbed the invisible hands and walked down the path, struggling through the thorns that were laid for her. She never lost her hope, she trusted her soul and walked towards her destiny leaving everything behind her.

The world seemed to be inviting, and there she was not walking alone to her dreams, she had all she wished for, the love, the care and everything in those hands that lead her. The security she was assured was beyond words. She blinded her vision to follow unquestioningly and undoubtedly.

She bends her neck, and he ties the knot, the knot forever, the bond forever, the love in the string that was now a part of her heart and soul. A string was enough to bond them forever into the art of marriage. The promise of being together in anything and everything in pain and happiness. To share the joy of being together, unifying into one soul.

Romance and Musings

Lost in the droplets and perished

The sky was overshadowed and was an expecting a downpour any time as if the clouds were filled with water which was about to burst out. Thunder and lightning flashed in the sky.It was almost a busy day on the road. People rushing to their homes after their hectic jobs.
She was expectantly looking at the sky so that it rains.She loved rain, the smell of the rain drops hitting the soil, the tickling rain drops, that can drench her.
She had fond memories of rainfall as a child.
She remembered the time w hen she used to run out of the house whenever it rained and off to dance around in the rain. As she grew older restriction put the locks on her feets, and then she was only allowed to make paper boats and set them free on the puddles.
Her feet craved to feel the wetness of the sand, the drops that fall from the infinity as if planting a kiss on her. Whenever she extends her hand out of the balcony to catch a raindrop to feel the pressure of holding it in her small palms, she observed the drop flowing down her hands and leaving her palms. The drops were like her, never ever wanted to be caged but when caged they perished themselves into the surface as if they never existed and became one with the surface leaving a small wet mark which gradually vanishes.
As she grew older again, things changed. She remembered her first month of her college, where she used to get out of her class with her bestie finding reasons to go out in the rain to feel it. She could still recollect the feel of the rain and the aroma that was spread across the college, it was a different feel for a teenager.
The moment she was out in the rain, even if it was a downpour or drizzle, she enjoyed it. The thoughts tickled her soul, where she used to have her umbrella in her bag, yet she enjoyed the company of her friend sharing the umbrella.In those times, the restrictions never tangled her, she was a lost soul, like an untangled flock of hair flying in the sky still linked to the roots.
She giggled at the memories that rain could bring into her. She missed the freshness of the rain and the amazing walk under a single umbrella holding her friend’s hands chitchatting about anything and everything.Those were the times when she hardly thought much and enjoyed the best time of her life.
The thought of her memories brought a smile on her face, but things have changed. Now there is no freshness in her rain, it was some random falls that never evoked her fondness. Everything has changed even herself.
She stood there with a bunch of people who were also like her standing under the shady areas to escape the rain. She stood there thinking for a while about nothing yet something.
Why she is running away from the rain, she loved so much once?
As she stood lost in thoughts wondering what exactly she was lost in. A hand grabbed her, and took her out into the rain, She sat right behind on the bike, and flew like a bird in the rain speeding through the light traffic, fondled by the drops reaching her every second from the sky.
She was happier again, felt like some kind of dip in the rejuvenating pond, all soaked up and drenched.The coldness was catching up to her body and the whispering wind was tickling her, but his presence was giving her the warmth.
She felt the rush of losing all the knots in her memories and enjoyed the moment as if she was floating in the clouds.