Romance and Musings

Confronting the “NOT” ME

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You cast a shadow over my thoughts

envisaging a story of your own,

portraying me to be someone you desired

numbing my veins, to inject it into me

Camouflaged by your emotions,

I was swimming in those cloudy areas of your imagination

stranded one day, when the fog cleared

I realised ” It wasn’t me, here”

As if lost in the darkness,

enchanted by the charms, I drove into a foggy night

awakening from the dreams, I never designed

I decided to walk away

To be just who I was. 


Romance and Musings

A Reflection

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You are like a reflection in the water

ripples in my heart 

cause you ripple

if I gaze at you for hours

untouched and unhindered

you stay there like you are with me

the moment, I extend my hand to touch you

the reflection vanishes

it will be just the ripples of me 

as if I fell into the deep waters

away as I go deep into it

to an unknown place, where I alone.


Romance and Musings

A reflection of me



A reflection of me

sunken eyes

wounded soul

the scars speaks words unheard by others

felt like I was stripped

in front of the mirror

the real me wanted to run away

burn into ashes and rise like the phoenix

I smoked like a chimney

burning with the desire to be free

yet passers-by left me unnoticed

the more I burned, the more neglected I was

the change in me was never noticed

my paths shifted

I detoured to reach my destination

the unsettled emotions in my soul

left me astray

I stood still watching the distress that was building up

I was shaken by the thoughts that were clouding my mind

I decided not to worry,

as worrying was never an answer to my journey ahead

I never invited the problems into my life

I shook away the fear,grabed out the heart in me

decided to walk away from the pain

I did the best I can and moved on.