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A ride with memories

Lost in my daydreams

As I sat browsing the world through the window

the car moving swiftly breaking away all the thin layer of air

gushing  on its own path to a destination unknown to me

I lay my focus on the world that is witnessing me

looking at me like a passing meteor above them

unable to see me, even though they look at me

the speed is close to the speed of light 

I felt as if I was thrown at a faster pace to a destination

glimpsing through the scenes I just glance through but do not register

music floating in my ears, at times contemplating my own thoughts

every station or every song revisits my memories 

bringing in a smile or even a broken memory to my heart

like the passing phases of life, I witness

the memories pass through my mind

giving me a fresh tinge of each one I always cherished.