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Your eyes mirror my thoughts

man and woman facing each other while hugging near river
Photo by Ana Francisconi on Pexels.com

Every time I look at you,

all I see is a reflection of me, in you…

the way you run your fingers in the locks of my hair…

trailing your fingers down to my hips..

grabbing me closer to you ..

wherein I can feel the warmth of your breath on my skin..

your voice is like music to my ears..

when you whisper to my ears,

I get the tinkling feel, that just evokes all the hidden feelings..

and I just embrace you much tighter…

your beard rubbing my neck,

tickles my skin…

loosening my grip on your hands..

letting you slip away into my depths…

as I am lost in your eyes,

which is mirroring my thoughts.

A Cocoon of Love

backlit boy couple dark
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

A walk with you into the woods

where I wanna get lost in the luscious greenery

inculcating the beauty that is beckoning me

to be skinny dipping underneath its sheath…

to be embalmed by the soaked soil…

in the very first rain of the time.

where you see me, as I am unclad

as in real…

and you ponder around, like a little caterpillar on the leaves.

together we create a cocoon of love

where we embellish together a new world..

waiting to spring open ..

together to fly away.


Filling my voids

Photo by Inna Lesyk on Pexels.com

Closing my eyes,

all I see is you..

lingering around my skin…

like the honey bee for the honey…

and like a new flower blooming

I await you to slurp the nectar from me…

as you slowly land up on me..

I lay still, for you to explore the voids in me

to let you fill in…

as you fill the voids in my heart…





like dew in summer..

close up of couple holding hands
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As you  crawled beneath the sheets

unrobbed and mind unclogged..

all I could feel is the core of your soul..

the one that pokes me

to evoke the paramount feelings

like the dew in the summer

i melted away in your arms

i evaporated on your lips

into the unknown temples, I verge in you

the humid we created, stained the sheets

and a rainbow of joy appeared

that commenced in me

and complete in you…




You would be the last I would give away myself


An immeasurable feeling

the one I possess for you in my heart

the feeling that draws me closer to you

the feeling that drives me crazier for you every day

the respect I feel for you

the care you shower upon me and the one I give you

eternity seems far enough for me to be with you

I want to hold you as high as stars

Amidst thousands of people

only you struck my heart

and it was forever

I don’t need many by my side to live

you make me feel like the one I need always

you bring out the best in me 

making every inch you touch to life 

sharing with you the deepest joy and sorrow

I feel enriched with you

With you, I realized what is the magic of love

the romantic revolution you took my mind to

made me heal the wounds of my past

you may not be the first who knocked my heart

but I promise you would be the last and the one I would ever give my heart to.