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Being mom the second time is indeed a blessing


I do recollect the time, when we were waiting for your arrival, the long wait ended today three years back, when we added one more flower to our family garden.

I do recollect the time, when your sister waited keenly keeping her ears closer to my belly, to feel you,

you were welcomed with great smiles and warm hands

You came and conquered our lives with your naughty smile and impressive eyes

Time is running faster, out of my hands.

yet am falling in love with every moment

You brought a different perspective to my life. You gave me challenging perspective of parenting, giving me a touch of all the different levels of tantrums from low to high.

The way you held me closer to yourself whenever you loved me

the way you hug me and kiss me

showering all your love

making me feel special

expressing every tiny bit of emotion you tiny heart and eyes could hold

the way you need me all the time, doing everything to grab my attention

the way you put together all your naughtiness and love mixed up in a smile

Oh, my lovely little girl, you make me fall in love with my life of being a mom a little more than everyday

You managed to deviate my parenting goals to fit into your perspectives and impress me that I have done right for you

The mother in me is all awake for you, loving you more and more every second

The feeling of being blessed to be an angel’s mom is my gratitude

I wish I could hold the time, and cuddle you forever like this.

I know it’s easy for you to convince me of anything…with your naughty smile

oh, my darling, who changed the perspective of me being a mom, including challenges worth taking …at times making it a precious moment to cherish.

I love being your mother too…as I loved being a mom for the first time

Thank you for being my daughter who added more colors to my life, along with your sister.

Your sister woke up the mother in me and you revived the soul in me

helping me relive every moment again being a mother.

Happy Birthday my lil Angel

New beginnings

My elder daughter is all set for her schooling in a bigger school. 

She is as much excited as am , every time we pass by her school , she points it to us , “tats my school mom,” and I can read exactly how happy she feels . In my older posts , I have put up what exactly I felt leaving her at school , there is no difference even now , Am still the same old mom for her, who is sooooo worried about her , even when she is quite independent.

Seriously , when will all moms learn to be tension free  ( just a joke, no mom can ever be tension free… if so they are not moms )

When our kids are babies, we just want the time to fly soon , and our babies start crawling , walking and many more. But once they start doing what all we wanted them to and some extras , we wish they just sit quietly ( strange but true) .we mommies are always like that , nothing can change us.

Every time my daughter is moving to a new stage , she is  accompanied by panicky mom and a carefree dad. Even though am perfectly sure about how good she is managing herself , I am like , “oh !! what she will do ” , ” will she be ok ” etc.  Every night during our bed time , I keep telling her , that when her school opens , Myself and her younger sister will be coming to drop her at school  and we will be waiting for her to come back  from school to play with us.

Am surely going to miss her during her school hours, but that life, I cannot restrain her from her future, just for sake of over caring ,over loving , over possessiveness .I look forward for her holidays to come , like a peacock for rain , to be with her.

Have a lovely schooling my dear. Best of luck.




Before being a mom , I used to wonder how people manage kids, and when am a mom , i keep wondering how do people manage more than one kid. 

How do they manage when both the kids cry? How do they manage to buy same toys for both kids ? How do they travel with two or more kids? Like that so many questions pop up in my mind. Some advice me , not to have second one , as they find it difficult to manage ,ans a few tells me , its so adorable to see the kids enjoy together especially sibling enjoy together more.

I know the real fun of having a sibling , as  I have a brother with whom , I fight a lot, play a lot, and many more things we do. We share our thoughts , our dreams , its so special always to have someone always to hear us.How much ever we fight ,its difficult to stay away. 

I still remember the days ,when I used to feed him his food in his mouth ,even though at times I hate doing it , as its like pampering him more still , i enjoyed it , may be even now , I can do it. We both talk for hours ,even if there is no topic as such to talk about.He makes fun of me, play pranks , hit me, even I do all those on him still we are brother and sister. 

At one point in life ,we all require someone like a brother or sister ,even if it to fight or for a shoulder to cry on. With a brother or sister , we learn to share,love, kindness and  friendship  , everything doesn’t happen easily in any relation , it takes time and time heals everything.When I see how bigger kids take care of their younger ones , its so beautiful .

A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.  ~Marian Sandmaier