Wandering in the woods


Walking by the woods

gazing the morning sky

whose blueness was hiding among the greenish shades of trees

playing hide and seek with the sun, the leaves moved with the tantalizing wind

Nature was at its best

all I could do was wander away into the deepest forest

forgetting myself in the woods and be absorbed in the shadows of the trees

listening to the sweet murmuring of the winds and the chirping of the birds

I wished to be swallowed into the deep jungles

far off, in the end, all I could hear was the crackling river

the sound of the waterfall just drew me closer to the interiors

like the bee to the flower to quench the thirst, I ran towards the side

drawing closer to the sounds, I moved further more

to my surprise the beauty that awaited me was spellbound

I stood there on the banks of the river overlooking a vast land of green pastures

for a split second, I just stood amazed

as a bird learning to fly, I plunged myself into the river

like a fish, I swam through the coolest water

purifying my soul and refreshing my soul

I swam for a while and climbed back to the grass

I sat there skimming through the beauty of nature.

I just wished to be lost in the beauty of this wilderness.

The wildest

Fog Face Mood Bud Sad Atmosphere Woman

She was the wildest of all

Her eyes had the power of thousands of spells

Her lips were the sweetest

As she spoke her wildest emotions

her eyes sparkled and her lips spread a smile

her smile was the infectious one

her eyes could poison the one on the other side

her hair could tangle the emotions of the other

as she let her hair loose… the world circumferenced her

she floated like the rhythm of her heart

the rhythm was in sync with the waves of the sea

her eyes infected the ones who locked in her vision

she could melt one’s heart and break too

She grew wild among the roses

like a flower that could poison others

She remained rooted, yet dreamt of the sky

the sky was her limit

even when she remained rooted,

as the flower craved for the sun

she shun away the shyness and shredded her roots

bending away from the shadows to the light that attracted her

she grew, blooming flowers that attracted the most

her glory was a lesson to all who remained hidden away

Being wild and strong was her sin, for those who fell in love with the shadow

She escaped the mediocrity and lived the eccentric life

Fulfilling her dreams

She stood up, for herself even among the thorns and lived until

her last breath….

I love the nights….


Night is always young

the view outside my window was the prettiest

the plants lit up by the moonlight

the sands shining like silver in the bright moonlight

the stars twinkling up in the night sky guiding someone who has lost their way

the beauty of the night was augmenting

the beauty of the nature in the moon light was impeccable

everything had a silver taunt

the fireflies made the grasses more attractive ornating them with their golden light

the night owls echoed giving the night a provoking touch

I loved the nights, the darkness always attracted me

It was like my soul – deep and hidden

as the day sees the unreal me, the nights knew the real me

the nights were my companion in sorrows and happiness

the nights stood all along, giving me enough time to revive

the nights fulfilled my dreams

the nights taught me to love the darkness

I loved the ambiguity that a night brings in one’s life

an uncertain day ahead that was unpredictable

I wanted to soak myself in the darkness and shine silvery like the nature in the moonlight

And in the dawn wake up in the misty land showered in dew drops

the purest form of water

I wish I was the night who can comfort a lonely soul….

Even when away, they loved the most


Under the starlit sky, with thousands of lanterns floating up in the air

lighting up the whole place

with fireflies lighting up the grass beneath her feet

She stood grasping her breath

Her eyes had the depth that none could read

She waited, all along to find her soulmate

she never knew when she fell in love

it was like he came and conquered her heart

even when she never knew she was giving away everything to him

he came and swept her away from the floor into the heights of life and the depth of his heart

She whispered to herself thousand times “whether she should love or not? “

Her heart always answered that she needed him

Everything changed as she was falling madly in love with him

she forgot the world

she forgot what she was

she lost herself in love

love was truly blind, as she could never see anything other than him

love was truly maddening her, as she could never think of anything other than him

every breath she took was named for him

he became the world to her

he became the wind that fondled her

he became the pain that she never wanted to get over

he became the smile that never faded from her face

he was the vision in her eyes

he was just hers forever, even when worlds apart from each other

both were bonded together as one soul

even when the world separated them.

By the sea, my thoughts battled with the waves …

I stood there gazing at the amazing waves of the sea
the sunset, where the beauty is overbound
at the far horizon, where the sky meets the sea,
I watched the red hot ball shaped sun settling down into the sea
as if it was going to take a plunge into the cold sea waters
the soft breeze was fondling me and the cool waters were washing my feet
the shimmering sand beneath my feet washed away with every wave
leaving a large footprint were my feets immersed, soaked in the sand
each time I step out and stand in the next position when the wave arrived
and every time I made a footprint, the other one vanished
I was playing with the waves when the sun began to sink into the sea
I watched as the birds flew away to their homes
and the beach was filling with people who love the night
the sunset was a tantalizing image in my thoughts
I wished I could just vanish away like that one day after shining bright and strong all along
I wished I could just be the light for someone’s life
I wished I was the sole reason for the bloom of a life
I wished I could rise up into the sky, like the sun and sink into the deep ocean with no strings attached
I wished I could be like the sun, who invisibly brightened the moon and dazzling stars to award a prodigious night sky
I wished to be imperceptible but be a reason for someone’s happiness
I wished to be the waves, that could carry the weight of the heart and leave behind the treasure trove from beneath the sea
I wished to be the tree, whose shade was comforting
I wished to be someone who loved you the most…
As I was lost in my thoughts, there you come to fulfill my wishes
holding me in your arms, the safest place on earth I could ever find
holding my hands and conveying me that am the meaning of your life
the life that you give me, is more than what I could dream of
the joy is profound and the blessings are uncountable
I held his hands and walked on the wet sand soaked in the waves
leaving a mark on the sand of our togetherness.