Mommy musings


This week we were given pictures and had to write on that basis. I was given this:

And it brought me thoughts on my own gems – my daughters.

Romance and Musings

Just you were all I wanted


Every moment we spent
painted a new page in my blank page
every fragrance you sprayed
blossomed in my page
every walk you took me to
became another colorful page
every second of my life
became precious
every inch in me
turned on with you
my skin became the gateway for you
my body became your temple
you resided in me
purifying my soul
your infectious smile
shoot a smile in me
your eyes
brightened my eyes
I knew that love was magical.
walking miles and miles with you
was never tiring
loving you was never boring
as every day, you brought in fun and excitement
being with you anywhere is better than
being alone with someoneelse
I rejoiced my life with you
in your arms today and beyond tomorrow forever.

Romance and Musings

My world upside down


I sat whimsically looking at my kids

I wonder from where to start

and where to stop

the mess around me

had turned my thoughts bushy and wild

I wondered was it just me?

or every other mom in the world like me

lost in wondering thought

feel like solitude is a bliss at times

I look at them, at times lost in my thoughts half way

as they keep doing their mischiefs

beguiling me and my lost mind

was I mad? or really lost the grip of my anger?

the world around me was moving faster

and I sat there idle watching it like a clown

one goes this way, while the other goes another way round

as I walk towards my daily chores

which keeps building up like a mountain overnight

the mom is me was lost in thoughts

when the little ones were gaining the momentum

and gained the control of my home

The soon I decided to ignore

the easier it was for me to relax

even though the world was upside down around me

Yet their smiles made me feel that the world was right around me.

Romance and Musings

Love your Mom


You are born to her

the cradle in her human form

nurtures you and caress you

you kick her, touch her and feel her

you reward her with sleepless nights forever

yet she is the one who always cares for you

you are born giving her the pain that is the greatest

yet you form the courage in her to suffer it

your little face delights her and shoots up a smile

even with teary eyes , you can make her smile

even if you agree or disagree, she will stand for you

even if you fight with her, she is the only one who cannot stop being with you

the love that began even before she sighted you

the love that never judges your color or physical appearance 

the love that stands universally

and stays forever

is the Mother’s love. 

Treasure it forever, as you cannot gain another Mother.

Romance and Musings



Her little naughty eyes were closed

she walked holding something in her hand

All I could do was smile, at her innocense

holding the mobile in her hands, she walked past me

all she thought was that closing her eyes would hide all her naughtiness

little did she knew that it was just she, who was blindfold

all other’s eyes were open

she smiled as she walked by

We too smiled and instead of scolding her

in playing with the mobile, all we did was laugh out loudly

her chastity hid all her mistakes and gifted a smile on our grumpy faces

It was quite surprising at how she could melt our stubborn hearts

in just a smile

a smile that is worth beyond millions

All I wished was that she stayed as such with lots of impeccability and blessings.